17th, November 2022

Periodontics by J&S Davis

  • What is Periodontics?
  • How can Periodontal Diseases occur & how are they treated?
  • J&S Davis is a leading distributor of LM Instruments’ innovative range of periodontal equipment that ensures patient comfort, unmatched precision & flawless results

J&S Davis is a leading distributor of a range of market-leading, global dental brands. We specialise in a range of different equipment for a variety of dental procedures and applications – including Periodontics. Our years of industry experience and expertise aid our judgement in choosing only the best dental products to stock and distribute.

What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is the field of dentistry concerned with diseases of the gums and periodontal tissues (including bone) that support the teeth.

How Can Periodontal Diseases Occur & How Are They Treated?

Periodontal diseases are most commonly caused by a build-up of bacterial plaque on the patient’s teeth and gums, which will lead to tissue damage. However, they can also be caused by other influences such as diabetes, smoking, pregnancy and genetic inheritance. Symptoms of periodontal diseases include bleeding of the gums, redness, inflammation or tenderness around the teeth that occurs either spontaneously or when brushing. The most common diseases are Gingivitis which affects the soft tissue that protects a patient’s teeth, leading to gum damage, and Periodontitis which causes infections in the bones that keep the teeth in place. Periodontitis can also impact other tissues, such as the periodontal ligament and the root. Gingivitis can progress into periodontitis disease due to factors such as bacteria, stress, alcohol consumption, systemic diseases and poor oral hygiene. This is why it is so important to treat periodontal diseases with reliable dental tools that guarantee precise, flawless results.

Treatment for Periodontal diseases usually involves professional prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) for Gingivitis and root scaling and polishing for Periodontitis. There are a variety of dental tools and equipment which aid these procedures and help to remove plaque and bacteria from the roots of the teeth.

What Periodontal Tools & Equipment do J&S Davis Stock & Distribute?

Dental Hand Instruments – We offer an extensive range of LM Instruments, including their Perio Kits, encompassing a comprehensive variety of the periodontal tools essential for periodontic procedures. Other dental hand instruments include the LM LiftOut, SlimLift and Explorer-Perio Probes, available in different specifications and sizes to suit your specific procedural needs. Our team of dental experts can happily advise on the LM Instruments best suited to Periodontal procedures.

Dental Equipment – Regarding our available range of dental equipment, our RondoPlus Instrument Sharpener is the perfect companion to the LM Instruments we offer. It is ideal for use between Periodontal procedures to keep your dental hand instruments operating at their most efficient. The precision of your dental instruments is essential when carrying out periodontal procedures to ensure patient comfort, prevent pain and ensure flawless treatment results. Therefore, the addition of an Instrument Sharpener within your practice or surgery is of fundamental importance.

Ultrasonic Scalers – Scaling is another process in periodontal procedures that requires optimum levels of precision, which means that having a proper selection of ultrasonic equipment is vital. J&S Davis offers multiple ultrasonic scalers, including the Ultrasonic Scaler Tips Endo, Perio and Implant, all of which have resulted from advanced material technological research. They are high wear-resistant and guarantee unrivalled precision in achieving complete periodontal debriment.

For more information on the periodontal dental equipment we stock & distribute, please call us at 01438 747344, or click here to contact us at J&S Davis.

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