Panavia V5

25th, April 2023

Unmatched Cement Bond Strength & Colour-Stable Results

  • J&S Davis stock & dsitribute a range of dental products & equipment from a variety of trusted partners — including Kuraray & their revolutionary Panavia V5 dental cement
  • Available in 5 shades for optimal colour match, Panavia V5 is a fluoride-releasing, colour-stable, universal resin, that is their strongest dentin bonding cement to date
  • Take a look at the range of Panavia V5 products we stock & distribute

Panavia V5 by J&S DavisAt J&S Davis, we have years of experience stocking and distributing a range of dental products, materials, accessories, instruments and equipment from trusted brands and partners. Our extensive expertise and knowledge of the dental industry allows us to make educated decisions on which products and brands we collaborate with, allowing us to provide our clients with only the best solutions.

One of the brands we work with is Kuraray Noritake Dental, a global company based in Japan who are renowned pioneers of dental technology. They design and manufacture a variety of dental products, including cements, core build-up materials, pretreatment agents, tooth desensitisers, CAD CAM blocks, filling materials, pretreatment agents and bonding materials.

Panavia V5 is the strongest dentin bonding cement they have ever developed, available in 5 shades to create tailored, aesthetic results. It’s become an industry favourite for cementing crowns, single-wing cantilever bridges and veneers.

So, what Panavia V5 products do we stock and distribute?

Panavia V5 Paste:
Panavia V5 is a fluoride-releasing, true dual-cure, colour-stable, universal resin cement that has provided an adhesive milestone in the world of restorative dentistry. This efficient and esthetic dental cement is available in 5 shades, Brown, Clear, Opaque, Universal A2 and White, to ensure a perfect colour match. The cement’s flexural strength is 33% higher than the Panavia F2.0, making it the most durable of Kuraray’s adhesives. These benefits all provide dentists, clinicians and patients with long-lasting, stable esthetics that won’t change over time.

Panavia V5 Tooth Primer:
This high-performance tooth primer connects to the tooth and cures the paste by firstly using original MDP monomers that strongly bond to enamel and dentin. Once this has occurred, the V5 tooth primer touches the paste, accelerating the curing process. Kuraray refers to this process as touch-cure, which leads to an exceptionally good polymerisation of the paste, ensuring long-lasting, durable results.

Panavia V5 Try-In Paste:
Kuraray’s Panavia V5 Try-In Past is essentially a sample size of the cement and comes in a 1.8ml syringe instead of 4.6ml. It also comes in the 5 available shades and gives you the chance to test out and experiment with Panavia’s revolutionary V5 formula.

Panavia V5 Intro Kit:
We offer the Panavia V5 Intro, Standard and Professional Kits, which are all expert cementation systems that cover all indications! They provide you with everything you need for a range of restorative dental procedures. The Panavia V5 dental cement also comes in a handy automix syringe for easy, efficient application with easy clean-up of excess cement. The introductory kit contains the Panavia V5 Tooth Primer (for tooth structure), the CLEARFIL Ceramic Primer Plus (for prosthetics), as well as all 5 shades of the Panavia V5 cement. It also includes mixing tips, applicator brushes and a mixing dish. The standard and professional kits also contain these items, in varying quantities, as well as the K-Etchant, endo tips, needle tips and the Panavia Try-In Paste.

For more information about any of the Panavia V5 products we stock and distribute, please call our team of experts on 01438 747344. Or please click here to contact us at J&S Davis.

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