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8th, April 2023

When selecting a resin cement, the main thing you want to be certain of is that it will perform with strength and reliability. That, you can be sure of with Panavia.

An extraordinarily strong bond, a straightforward procedure and a curing mode tailored to specific needs, you can rely on Panavia Cements to master every placement challenge. The current Panavia range has been developed with decades of experience bringing you Panavia V5, Panavia SA Cement Universal and Panavia Veneer LC.

Panavia V5 is known for being the best all-round, aesthetic (5 shades) cement. Simplify your cementation with the need for only one cementation system that covers all indications. Handy automix application saves time and low film thickness gives a tight fit. If you need only one Panavia for your practice, this is it!

Panavia SA Cement Universal is universal and suitable for all prosthetic restorations and glass ceramics. This everyday Panavia allows for easy excess removal, easy application and easy storage at room temperature. There is no need for a separate primer.

Finally, Panavia Veneer LC is the newest Panavia on the market, specifically for the cementation of veneers. This Panavia boasts a long working time (200 seconds under ambient light) and excellent handling properties – not sticky, thixotropic, optimal consistency and smooth excess removal. Four highly stable colour shades offer long lasting aesthetics.

So, to summarise – what should I have in my drawer? Well!

If you want to go for the top quality all-rounder, Panavia V5 has you covered with maximum aesthetics, covering all indications.

If you’re looking for quality but would like the simplest procedure – go for Panavia SA Cement Universal. No primers and no fridge space required!

Cementing veneers? Well, this one is probably obvious! Panavia Veneer LC is the veneer specialist.

We find a lot of DCP’s have more than one Panavia. If you’d like any help deciding which is right for you, contact the UK Panavia Brand Manager Stuart Tatlock on 07778 142074.

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