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28th, March 2022
  • Kuraray has spent over 40 years revolutionising the adhesive dental industry through introducing the first bonding system to the market, CLEARFIL BOND SYSTEM F, and the development of the ‘total-etch technique’ to prepare and protect enamel and dentin
  • Kuraray today brings you Panavia, a trusted, innovative brand of dental cements that offers convenience, value and longevity
  • Through its SA Cement Universal, F2.0 Paste & V5 product lines, Panavia ensures all of your application needs are covered

Panavia Cements from J&S DavisKuraray revolutionised the dental industry in 1978 when they introduced the first bonding system to the market: their CLEARFILTM BOND SYSTEM F, which marked the start of the age of adhesive dentistry. During this time period, they also developed the ‘total-etch technique’, which utilises a 30 to 40% phosphoric acid gel to prepare and protect the enamel and dentin for adhesive procedures. More recently, Kuraray has focused its technology on developing their Teethmate Desensitizer Kits which offer a trustworthy, modern solution to sensitivity by creating Hydroxyapatite.

Today Kuraray brings you Panavia, a trusted, innovative brand of dental cements that offers

convenience, value and longevity. Their SA Cement Universal is the ”all, every, whole, and all-inclusive” cement of Panavia, fully equipped with a wide indication range and room temperature storage to fulfill all of your dentistry needs. Panavia V5 prides itself on being an efficient self-etching primer/resin cement that is suitable for all indications, and is capable of coping with the strongest cement Kuraray has ever developed.

SA Cement Universal:

Kuraray would like to introduce you to this new and improved version of Panavia SA Cement Plus, which contains a new chemistry that not only improves bond strength, but eliminates the need for addition steps such as primers. The LCSi monomer is a unique silane coupling agent built into the paste to deliver a strong, durable chemical bond to porcelain, lithium disilicate and composite resin. This is combined with the original MDP monomer that allows for chemical reactiveness with zirconia, dentin and enamel. This adhesive dental cement solution is suitable for a range of applications such as, crowns/bridges, inlays/onlays, posts and even adhesive bridges. It is also available in both automix and handmix options, customisable to your application and your schedule, to ensure you have the cement you need when you need it! To view the SA Cement Universal cement please visit here.


Recommended as the universal adhesive resin cement of first choice, Panavia guarantees high-quality permanent adhesive techniques  even in difficult restorations involving both ceramic and metal restoration, as well as endodontic post cementations. Their F2.0 Paste, encompasses this promise, boasting high bond strength, anaerobic properties and special surface coating technology with sodium fluoride, allowing it to bond seamlessly to tooth subsrates, metals and ceramics. This efficient dental solution is also available through their F2.0 Oxyguard, or within Panavia’s Intro or Standard Kits, which provide all the equipment needed for adhesive dental procedures. Panavia has also developed an F2.0 ED self-etching primer which ensures the effective and gentle penetration of enamel and dentine, and prevents post operative sensitivity. Click here to view the F2.0 product line.


1983 saw Kuraray’s introduction of Panavia EX resin cement and the original MDP adhesive monomer which transformed the world of adhesive dentistry. Since then, their focus has been on developing and providing market-leading technologies that have improved and influenced the quality of adhesion dentistry and the dental industry as a whole.

Now Kuraray would like to present an adhesive milestone and its 5th version, Panavia V5, a simple and esthetic cement for all your needs! This universal resin cement is available in 5 amine-free, colour-stable shades with fluoride-release natural fluorescence and virtually no post-cure colour change, promoting both endurance and longevity. The V5 is capable of providing self-cure dentin bond strengths equal to that of a ”Gold Standard” light-cure bonding agent, such as the CLEARFILTM SE BOND, something that has not yet been achieved by the dentistry industry. The V5 formula can be found amongst a range of Panavia’s dental solutions, including a try-in paste, tooth primer, and within an Intro, Standard and Professional Kit to ensure all of your requirements are covered. Click here to view the V5 product range.

Kuraray’s goal through Panavia, is to achieve quality, efficiency and innovate technologies that remould the adhesive dentistry industry. And our goal at J&S Davis is to provide you with this range of solutions that suit your application and industry needs. For more information or to contact us at J&S Davis, please visit…

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