Panavia Cement

17th, December 2021

Panavia cement from J&S DavisWhilst there is yet to be a cement invented that fully satisfies all the specifics the various dental treatments demand, J&S Davis believe that Panavia from Kuraray Noritake Dental represents the closest solution to date. 

Their Panavia SA Cement Universal and Panavia V5 products represent cutting edge cementation for a wealth of indications, offering a high bond strength every time. 

Cementation and bonding – keeping it tight 

Since the first introduction of a dental cement product back in 1948, the low bond strength and high solubility that presented so many problems in those early days have now been overcome for the most part. 

Today’s contemporary cements and bonds boast myriad technical benefits, designed to lend themselves to the complex and nuanced dental and orthodontic applications undertaken by medical professionals. 

 Whatever the application of cement in your work, some key factors that should be considered as standard: 

  • Oral fluid dissolution resistance 
  • Optimised working and setting times 
  • High strength 
  • Minimal film thickness 
  • Thermal and chemical resistance 
  • Excellent marginal sealing 
  • Opacity 
  • Retention with the restoration material  
  • Non-irritant and pleasing aesthetics for the patient 

In general terms, there are six primary variants of dental cement: 

Zinc phosphate 

Zinc phosphate is an economical option that is easy to clean up and radiopaque for excellent x-ray visibility. However, by comparison to other cement, it can often cause pulpitis, has a low bond strength and is too soluble in oral fluids for extended use. 


Harder to control and apply once mixed than other products, this option has low irritation and a strong bond to tooth structures. 

Glass ionomer luting  

Offering good adhesion to both enamel and dentin, the critical advantage to glass ionomer luting cements is that they release fluoride, strengthening teeth over time. However, they can take up water during the setting process, which can compromise some physical characteristics. 

Polyacid-modified composite 

These cements can be prone to hygroscopic expansion, leading to reduced bond strength over a relatively short period. This is a distinct disadvantage for a product that otherwise has low solubility and initial high bond strength. 

Resin-modified glass ionomer 

Easy to mix, handle and clean up, these variants are generally stable over extended durations and can release some fluoride. Their acidic nature can lead them to cause pulpitis, and they’re sensitive to moisture. 

Resin-based cement 

Like those in the Panavia range, these cements offer the dental professional a wide range of applications. With self-etching versions, light and self-curing capabilities and forming a strong chemical bond to nearly all restorative materials, they are some of the best cements available. However, opacity can vary, and it can be problematic to apply correctly. Incorrect use can result in compromised bond strength and contamination during the treatment. 

Why pick Panavia? 

The product spotlight on our Panavia resin cement range offers a more detailed view of why Panavia are the J&S Davis cements of choice, but some of the advantages are: 

  • Universal applications (inlays and onlays, bridges, crowns and more) 
  • Technological innovations with LCSi monomer and the original MDP monomer for unparalleled bond strength with most restoration materials, including ceramics, glass and metal 
  • Easy to mix, apply and remove excess 
  • Exceptional bond strength to dentin  
  • Reduces use of additional steps, like a separate primer 

When you consider these advantages, we think you’ll agree, Panavia represent some of the best dental cements on the market today.


Explore our full Panavia cement range here, and when you’re ready to order, you can find your nearest retailer here.

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