NEW LM-Arte Replica Posterior – Replicate Easily

11th, April 2023

The new LM-Arte Replica Posterior is a clever instrument designed for simplifying occlusal modelling of posterior teeth in direct composite restorations. This particular instrument can easily recreate the occlusal anatomy of a single tooth, guided by the buccal cusps and using the replica technique. The instrument has one concave and one convex side.

The Replica is the newest addition to the LM Arte range. The LM Arte Instruments have been developed in co-operation with Style Italiano, a study group of passionate clinicians and researchers who specialise in restorative dentistry. Each instrument is colour-coded and named by its main function to enable easy, efficient and quick restorative treatments.

The LM Arte range is as follows:

LM has also just released a new range of Dark Diamond (non-stick) coated LM Arte instruments. This contemporary diamond-like carbon coating reduces stickiness for smooth composite placement. The hard surface protects the tip from scratches and the dark coating colour results in minimal reflections, maximal contrast against fillings.

There are various LM-Arte Kits available with a combination of the instruments listed above. For further information on the LM-Arte Kits click here.

The LM-Arte Replica Posterior and Dark Diamond range are now available to pre-order. Stock is expected to arrive within the next 2 weeks. Call 01438 747344, email or use the Wishlist function via this website to place your pre-order today.

Sculpt Masterpieces with LM-Arte.

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