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Patented since 1981.

Kuraray Noritake Dental invented the original MDP monomer in 1981 to improve the bond strength to hydroxyapatite (HAp). The world’s first composite cement PANAVIA™ EX including the original MDP was launched two years later. That is when the legendary story of the PANAVIA™ brand began. And since then PANAVIA™ has become a synonym for reliable adhesion.

Besides bonding to hydroxyapatite, the original MDP strongly bonds to metals and zirconia, too. Some manufacturers have recently also started working with MDP in a number of adhesive products. But it is one of the most difficult ingredients to produce. Especially when it comes to creating an MDP mixture with an outstanding quality level (see graph below). This requires decades of know-how, which is why not all “MDP” mixtures result in long lasting restorations.

Our original MDP still proves to be the most durable HAp connector1. And that is one of the secrets of PANAVIA™ V5’s primer performance.

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