LM Arte – A Revolution in Restorative Dentistry

17th, June 2022
  • LM-Dental collaborated with Style Italiano to design this innovative range of Arte dental instruments
  • Range of high-quality tools efficiently colour coded by their primary function – what do the different colours represent?
  • The LM Arte range also provides a range of kits, to ensure you have all the instruments needed for any aesthetic dental restorations

At J&S Davis, we are committed to providing you with high-quality, market-leading dental products. LM-Dental, a trusted partner, focuses on the specific needs of dental experts, allowing you and your patients to feel the difference. Since the 1980s, they have been considered the pioneer in dental instrument ergonomics, constantly innovating their products to best fit the changing world of dentistry.

LM-Arte is a recently developed range of high-quality dental instruments specifically designed and innovated for composite layering. The inventive dental tools were designed in collaboration with Style Italiano, a group of passionate, skilful dental professionals specialising in aesthetic restorative treatment. Their structure has been carefully considered for optimum use and ease by experts in the dentistry field.

So what do the different colours mean?

The LM-Arte range is colour coded by its primary function, allowing for efficient clinical use and restorative treatments.

Misura (Dark Purple) – Measures horizontal and vertical thickness during restorations.

Applica (Brown) – Spatula for transporting and modelling composite, thin and flexible for ease & precision.

Eccesso (Pink) – For removing composite & bonding residue.

Fissura (Green) – Equipped with sharp pointed tips for precise modelling of occlusal surface structures.

Modella (Light Blue) – Another very thin, flexible spatula for transporting & modelling composite.

Condensa (Grey) – Designed as a long and rounded plugger, ideal for modelling composite/

Cusp Misura (Light Blue) – Particularly innovative instrument that can estimate cusp thickness and height to evaluate the need for cusp preparation when carrying out adhesive restorations. It is especially useful for assessing natural tooth strength and the most effective restorative technique for the patient.

Applica Twist (Dark Blue) – Specially designed narrow spatula with bent angles for difficult-to-reach areas during modelling procedures.

Solo Anterior (Yellow) – Ideal instrument for high-end aesthetic procedures and direct veneering, equipped with rounded and straight spatulas for modelling anterior teeth.

Solo Posterior (Dark Grey) – Opposite to the Solo Anterior, this instrument is perfect for high-end posterior composite restorations, including composite modelling and bulk filling.

Posteria Misura (Lilac) – Uses a fork-shaped tip for horizontal & vertical measuring of composite during posterior restorations.

For dentists looking for a complete solution for restorative procedures, LM-Dental offer specially suited Arte kits, which ensure you have everything you need, compactly stored for organised efficiency.

LM Arte Kit:

Available with both ErgoMax and ErgoSense handles, this kit is potentially ideal as an introductory kit, equipping you with a range of tools required for dental restorative processes. This kit comes with the Applica (Brown), the Condensa (Grey), the Fissura (Green), the Misura (Dark Purple) and the Eccesso (Pink), as well as the LM-Servo 5 cassette.

LM Arte Posterior Kit:

Specially compiled for posterior aesthetic restorations, this LM-Dental kit contains all the instruments needed (Posteria Misura, Cusp Misura, Fissuria, Modella & Condensa).

LM Arte Complete Kit:

The final kit available is the Complete Kit, which will equip you with a full set of high-quality dental tools to complete any dental restoration. This LM-Servo 8 cassette holds the Ecresso, Misura, Applica, Posterior Misura, Cusp Misura, Fissura, Modella & Condensa.

For more information or to view other LM-Dental Instruments, please visit here.

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