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16th, January 2024

J&S Davis checking in…

It’s January, a notoriously difficult month of the year. It’s likely that a lot of us are feeling the post Christmas blues – we’re tired, it’s cold and it’s dark outside, but, let’s take some time to look forward and focus on positivity*. Wrap up in something cosy, go for a walk in the fresh, crisp air, perhaps with friends, have a catch up, talk about what’s new for you in 2024…

A new ‘game-changer’ in the treatment of sensitivity.

Yes, you read it correctly – if you aren’t already offering Biosmalto Sensitivity treatment to your patients, now is the perfect time!

Holidays are being booked and patients are dreaming of ice-creams and frozen cocktails…until they’re reminded of the dreaded sensitivity that they suffer with when trying to enjoy these frozen delights. Now is the time to offer those patients a solution to their sensitivity, whilst growing your practice income at the same time.

Biosmalto Impact Action Mousse acts bio-actively to strengthen, repair and protect enamel and dentine. With a unique and innovative formula containing Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) enriched with carbonate and fluoride, Biosmalto provides a biomimetic type action that stimulates the remineralisation of a tooth surface with newly formed hydroxyapatite crystals.

The strontium salts and nano-sized particles inside the formula occlude exposed dentine tubules, therefore also providing rapid pain relief, and a highly effective and long lasting desensitising effect.

Treating your patients for sensitivity is simple.

Step 1: Apply Curasept Biosmalto Impact Action Mousse in surgery

Step 2: Patient applies Curasept Biosmalto Impact Action Mousse at home over 30-90 days (depending on indication and treatment protocol)

Step 3: Patient used Curasept Biosmalto Toothpaste and Mouthwash daily

Contact J&S Davis today on 01438 747344 or for more information on how to stock these products in your practice.

*If positive thinking isn’t on your radar right now, click here for information and support.

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