Exciting news for implant dentists!

4th, December 2023

Exciting news for dental professionals who are involved in dental implantology in the UK and Ireland:

J&S Davis Ltd is thrilled to be the newly appointed exclusive supplier of Meisinger Implants. This partnership aims to provide cost-effective, yet reliable implant solutions to dentists and their patients.

Reliable System you can trust.

The OKTAGON® Implant system, a product of Meisinger’s precise German engineering, is a reliable system you can trust. It melds simplicity with versatility, utilising established concepts in implantology. The system offers an extensive selection of implant lengths and diameters, accommodating a wide range of patient needs. Furthermore, it integrates Meisinger’s digital concepts for enhanced efficiency and precision. Reflecting their confidence in the product’s quality and reliability, Meisinger offers a lifetime warranty on the implants and a 10-year guarantee on abutments.

Save money – an easy switch.

Switching to the OKTAGON® system can make a substantial difference in your practice’s profitability. It not only makes dental implant treatments more accessible, broadening your patient base, but it also increases your margin on implant procedures. As a worldwide company, Meisinger has a commendable history of delivering high-quality precision products without any compromises, making it a reliable choice for your practice.

It’s time to enhance your practice with affordable, reliable, and uncompromised quality. Make the switch to Meisinger Implants today!

For detailed information on the Meisinger Implants range, click here or reach out directly via phone at 01438 747344 or email at jsdsales@js-davis.co.uk.

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What they say...

  • J&S Davis make the buying experience so easy. I spoke to a brand manager to explain my needs and they were so helpful. My order arrived two days later. Happy!

  • J&S Davis went above and beyond to ensure the delivery of my LM instruments on time. Can’t thank them enough!