Desensitizer Gel for Teeth

9th, May 2022
  • Desensitizer gel for teeth is an innovative development to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce teeth sensitivity
  • At J&S Davis, we have partnered with trusted brands, Curasept, Cavex and Kuraray to supply you with effective desensitizing gels that promote long-lasting results
  • We offer a range of gels that remineralise enamel and dentin, guaranteeing patient comfort and improved defence against tooth sensitivity

Dental enamel and tissues are constantly subject to poor oral hygiene, abrasive toothpaste, sugary and acidic food, stomach acids and bacterial plaque build-up. This results in discomfort and problems such as erosion and sensitivity. Often formulated with potassium nitrate and fluoride, desensitizer gel for teeth is an innovative solution applied to strengthen enamel and therefore reduce teeth sensitivity by stopping the transmissions to your nerves that are causing the pain. It is also an integral part of aftercare following teeth whitening treatments due to tooth sensitivity being a possible consequence of the procedure.

At J&S Davis, we partner with a range of global companies within the dentistry industry to provide you with high-quality, efficient solutions to any of your dental needs. This is why we work alongside Curasept, Cavex and Kuraray to offer you desensitizer gels we trust to guarantee you comfort and peace of mind. We offer products such as:

Biosmalto Impact Action Mousse: 

Biosmalto products have been developed by Curasept through 7 years of research, resulting in an innovative desensitizing gel formula containing substituted Hydroxyapatite that remineralizes and strengthens enamel. Their Impact Action Mousse is available from J&S Davis in two vegan formulas – their Caries, Abrasion & Erosion Desensitizer Gel, and their Sensitive option. The Biosmalto Caries, Abrasion & Erosion line is designed to suit those with carious lesions, high tooth wear and dry mouth by increasing customer resistance to acid erosion, mechanical abrasion and acid attacks. It is a fast working desensitizer gel for teeth that remineralizes enamel and dentin, guaranteeing patient comfort. Their Sensitive Teeth Mousse alternative contains strontium salts that reduce sensitivity by occluding dental tubules, helping relieve pain whilst rapidly remineralizing enamel and dentin. This mousse increases patient comfort by desensitizing teeth to the cold.

Bite & White ExSense: 

Cavex has carefully formulated their Bite & White ExSense desensitizer gel to provide fast and long-lasting relief that patients can achieve at home without any restriction. This is possible due to the natural ingredients used and an innovative combination of Hydroxyapatite and a ‘hydro-dispersing sol’. The unique, unparalleled qualities of this ‘hydro-dispersing sol’ allow this desensitizer gel perfect distribution and boosted hydroxyapatite penetration, helping to reduce discomfort. This desensitizing gel works efficiently to accelerate the remineralization of dental enamel through its developed synergistic composition that allows Hydroxyapatite to easily penetrate tubules and microcracks in enamel, allowing crystallization to take place. Cavex’s formula guarantees instant and long-lasting relief from sensitive teeth and future prevention of sensitivity and plaque formation.


Our trusted partner Kuraray has carefully innovated their range of Teethmate Desensitizer Kits that offer a reliable solution for sensitivity by creating Hydroxyapatite (HAp), the human body’s hardest mineral. This desensitizer gel can create HAp exactly where you need it, when you need it, closing dental tubules and enamel cracks to ensure long-lasting patient comfort for up to 6 months. It takes just minutes to apply and guarantees a natural, tissue friendly and neutral taste. Kuraray offers both an introductory desensitizer kit and their traditional kit, which both contain all the products you’ll need. Suppose you appreciate this sensitivity solution as much as we do. In that case, we also offer the Teethmate Desensitizer Refills to keep you stocked up on this market-renowned desensitizing gel for teeth.

At J&S Davis, we pride ourselves on supplying only the best products to suit your dental needs. We ensure this service is offered and carried out by consulting our years of experience and industry knowledge. To find out more about the desensitizer gels for teeth we offer, please contact us here or call 01438 747344 for more information.

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