Dental Splinting Materials

26th, September 2022

Dental Splinting Materials from J&S Davis

  • Dental splinting is the process of bonding weaker teeth together in order to create a more secure single unit
  • At J&S Davis we stock & distribute Polydentia’s innovative range of dental splinting materials to provide you with an efficient solution you can rely on for all dental splinting procedures
  • So, what does Polydentia’s range of dental splinting materials include?

Dental splinting is an important dental procedure that bonds weak teeth together in order to turn them into a single unit that is stronger and more secure. It’s known for being a non-invasive procedure to protect teeth that are weaker or looser than others, typically teeth at the front of your patient’s mouth.

J&S Davis is a leading distributor of high-performance dental equipment, systems and industries from a range of global brands. With years of industry experience and expertise, we are able to separate the good from the best when it comes to dentistry, enabling us to provide you with only the best dental solutions to suit your procedural and application needs. One of our trusted partners is Polydentia, a renowned Swiss medical technology manufacturer of a range of dental equipment, including dental splinting materials. Their reputation for producing high-quality and performance dental equipment can be clearly seen through their range of fibre dental splinting materials.

So, what does Polydentia’s range of dental splinting materials include?

Fiber Splints:

We stock a range of Polydentia Fiber Splints, which are fibreglass ribbons of different sizes and thicknesses. They are saturated with Fiber-Bond (an efficient bonding agent), positioned on the etched and bonded surface, before being fixed in the interdental area with ”Clip&Splint” application clips. Their efficient design allows them to achieve aesthetic results whilst also being versatile to a range of different procedural needs. The range includes the Fiber Splint ML, which has six layers of splint sewn together to ensure durability and reliable results. This multi-layered design also helps to save time, promising an efficient procedure. There is also the Fiber Splint One Layer, an extremely thin dental splinting material requiring the application of at least five strips for optimum results. The final product within Polydentia’s Fiber Splint range is the Fiber Splint Ortho Evolution, which is more appropriate for smaller teeth. It has three layers of fibre and is narrower than the other two available options. All of these options are flexible to your dental splinting orthodontic needs and are equipped with a practical dispenser to avoid wasted material, saving you both time and money.

F Splint Aid & Slim:

Both the F-Splint-Aid (4mm) and F-Splint-Aid Slim (2mm) are efficient fibreglass ribbons already saturated with bonding. They both carry the same strength, but the Slim variation is more appropriate when dealing with surfaces with reduced dimensions. These ready-to-use solutions guarantee you highly aesthetic results with maximised procedural efficiency.

Splinting Refills:

At J&S Davis, we also stock refills of all the available Polydentia F-Splint Aid, Slim, and Clip&Splints to keep you fully equipped at all times.

Fiber Splint ML Mini Starter Kit:

This Polydentia mini starter kit is the perfect way to get a feel for and understand Polydentia’s dental splinting materials, due to it containing everything you need for dental splinting procedures. It’s particularly useful in the case of splints/fixation after extraction due to its ability to reproduce the original tooth position with unmatched precision. This is made possible by the transparency of the Fiber-Plast silicone key, allowing for the polymerisation of the fibreglass through the impression.

For more information on any of our Polydentia Dental Splinting Materials, please click here to contact us at J&S Davis. Or, feel free to call us today at 01438 747344.

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