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11th, November 2021

LM Dental scalers from J&S Davis

LM Dental Instruments lead the way when it comes to innovations in handheld periodontal and surgical instruments. Revolutions in materials, ergonomics and design have all contributed to LM Dental’s ever-popular choice of curettes and scalers.Dental scalers from J&S Davis

LM Dental has a vision of working with dental professionals, for dental professionals, and here at J&S Davis, we aim to do the same.

Dental professionals have ready access to the highest quality products to suit their needs from the global leaders in dental technologies and solutions through our nationwide network of retailers.

We work to find better and smarter ways of doing things, benefiting you, your practice and your patients.

Dental scaling – cancelling calculus

Dental scalers are just one tool used to effectively tackle the safe and effective removal of stains, plaque and calculus.

Left unchecked, plaque build-up turns hard, forming calculus in the patient’s mouth. Once this occurs, brushing and flossing simply isn’t enough to guard against further oral complications or damage to teeth and gums; reliable, durable and comfortable handheld instruments are an integral part of any modern dentist’s toolkit.

Why move to manual?

Recent research has suggested that modern ultrasonic scalers are more effective in more cases of successful calculus removal. However, we also now know that using an ultrasonic device isn’t suitable for everyone.

Early caries and tiny cracks are conditions affecting a patient’s tooth enamel that are difficult to see with the naked eye, and these teeth can be left vulnerable to further damage from the forces of air and water applied by ultrasonic scaling equipment.

Patients with hypersensitive or newly-erupted teeth, and those wearing a pacemaker, are not recommended to undergo this type of treatment.

When oral care is so complex and nuanced, LM Dental’s range of dental scalers ensures the dental practitioner has the very best instruments to hand.

LM Dental scalers make Ergosense®

Reducing pain and discomfort from the extensive use of handheld instruments, LM Dental’s Ergosense® technology reduces cases of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) and carpal tunnel syndrome.

All the J&S Davis range of LM Dental scalers come with Ergosense® as standard, offering:

  • Enhanced tactility
  • Thicker handles
  • Lighter weight
  • Improved hygiene
  • Increased comfort

Considering the duration of some treatments and the surgical focus and precision required, any instrument that lessens the stress on a clinician’s hands is a boon to efficiency and productivity for you and your patients.

LM Dental scalers are available with their LM Sharp Diamond™ micro membrane coating, a razor-sharp cutting edge that shaves calculus instead of fracturing it. Additionally, these scalers are robust yet refined and completely sharpen-free, saving you time and money without compromising application or performance.

No wonder the Mini and Micro sickles are some of the most popular scalers in the J&S Davis range!

Ready to find a retailer?

If you’re ready to try LM Dental Instruments for yourself, why not explore the J&S Davis range here. Then, when you’re ready to order, simply get in touch with your closest retailer.

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