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25th, January 2022

Dental needles from J&S DavisDental needles

Solo Supra are J&S Davis’ own brand of needles designed for professional use. They were launched in 1964, and we’re proud to say that they are the world’s first single-use, disposable dental needle.

Dental needles are used throughout orthodontics and endodontics to place anaesthesia directly. Alongside impression materials, different types of anaesthesia needles are some of the most regularly used tools of the trade.

Revolutions in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacture (CAM) in the design and build of dental prosthetics have reduced the number of injections needed for some treatments, which benefits patient comfort. However, dental anaesthesia remains a common practice to help relieve the pain of standard procedures such as implants, fillings and extractions.

Dental needles – get to the point

A dental needle comprises the following sections:


The sharp tip. Generally speaking, the bevel aims to reduce deflection and tissue displacement whilst allowing for smoother penetrations, so the practitioner needs to use less force.

Shaft (shank)

This is the length from the bevel to the hub. It can vary according to the application and depth of penetration required.


Made from plastic or metal, this is where the syringe or pump is attached. Most plastic hubs will indicate which direction the bevel should point for minimal trauma on insertion. For hygiene reasons, if the plastic hub is cracked, it should be discarded immediately.

Cartridge penetration end

This is the section of the needle beyond the hub. It draws the anaesthetic product from the syringe through to the bevel.

Gauges – does size matter?

The gauge size indicates the diameter of the needle’s opening (lumen). A higher number means a smaller diameter, and typically in the UK, the standard gauge is 30G.

A larger gauge needle will have improved resistance to breakage, the aspiration of the anaesthetic will be easier, and the injection pressure is reduced, so any pain is minimised. Using a smaller gauge can lessen the risk of nerve or vascular puncture.

Solo Supra needles from J&S Davis

J&S Davis continues to be a pioneer in innovating and sourcing the best dental products, instruments and equipment for use in dental clinics and surgeries nationwide.

Made from surgical steel, our Solo Supra sterile needles are designed for single use only. They represent a cost-effective, convenient and straightforward solution to anaesthesia delivery. Like all disposable dental needles and syringes, they should be disposed of in line with your own infection control procedures.

Solo Supra needles are easy to use by the practitioner and cause minimal discomfort for the patient:

  • Hub designed to accept all makes of cartridge syringe
  • Specially coated shaft for enhanced patient tolerance and comfort
  • Triple bevel lancet for improved direct delivery of anaesthetic
  • Imperial thread
  • Available in long (27G) and short (30G) lengths, 100 per box

When you choose J&S Davis, you’ll have peace of mind that in addition to our wide range of professional supplies, you have convenient access to product guidance and support from our team of specialists. Then, when you’re ready to order, you can find your nearest J&S Davis retailer here.

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