Dental matrix systems – just blue it!

13th, February 2024

There’s a lot to be said about the colour blue. Of course, we’re big fans over here at J&S Davis (check the branding!), but have you ever considered the meaning behind this much loved primary colour? The colour blue is often associated by many with tranquility, healing and security, as well as reliability and stability. Interestingly, despite being the colour of the sea and sky, blue is the rarest colour found in nature – which, you may agree therefore, would provide an excellent contrast against the white colour of a tooth…

Odd comparison, perhaps, but genius choice of colour for sectional matrices, don’t you think?

Queue – LumiContrast.

LumiContrast is a superior quality, innovative sectional matrix, brought to you by Polydentia. The matte blue surface of the sectional matrix results in reduced reflection and zero blinding effect, as well as the contrast between the dark colour and the white tooth allowing the area for intervention to be more easily identified and worked on with greater precision. The innovative colouring of the matrix does not detach and the particles do not disperse inside the cavity or the filling material. DCP’s are also finding the LumiContrast indispensable when using modern technologies that involve the use of intense light sources such as loupes and dental microscopes.

Interested? We thought so!

LumiContrast can be bought in packs of 70 (various sizes available), however, it is also useful to note that this is available in the highly sought after, myQuickmat Forte Starter Kit – click here for more information.

For further information or to order yours, please contact J&S Davis on 01438 747344, email or contact your usual dental retailer.

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