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25th, November 2021

Dental matrices from Polydentia

Modern matrix bands have come on in leaps and bounds since their significance first gained recognition in dentistry and endodontics at the end of the nineteenth century.

The primary function of a matrix band is to compensate for the missing walls of a tooth and contain the material used to fill it. By the late 1800s, three straightforward advances in techniques had been identified:

  • The need for and creation of a separating matrix (band)
  • The development and use of mechanical means to gradually separate teeth
  • The variety of materials used as wedges, for use in rapid separations

Today, J&S Davis are one of only two UK distributors of Polydentia products and dental supplies – we’re delighted to be able to offer a range of five matrix systems.


Polydentia – making the right impression

With over 40 years of Swiss excellence to draw on, their matrix systems are designed using cutting-edge innovation to meet the current demands of modern-day restorative dentistry.

Comprising both full and sectional matrix systems, the Polydentia range also features their myJunior Kit, which is a sectional matrix system expressly developed to treat deciduous and young permanent teeth. 

Every component of a Polydentia matrix system gives the dentist all the tools they need to affect successful, durable and attractive restorations.


Tines, rings and tricky treatments

When you consider that tooth morphology is as individual as the person you’re treating and that teeth themselves are organic entities, subject to forces such as erosion, mastication and trauma, restoration work is naturally complex and nuanced. Working to restore an organically contoured tooth can be hard enough, but matching the corresponding proximal contact, is arguably the trickiest part.Dental matrix band from J&S Davis


Having the right tools for the trade is vitally important to the success of your work.

Polydentia MyTines come in three different sizes and have been developed to work with myRing Forte and myClip 2.0. Thanks to their anatomical shape, they’re able to achieve tight contact points and the ability to combine differing sized tines on one sectional ring. myTines are autoclavable, interchangeable and replaceable too.

Matrices matter and the Quickmat range is hard to beat. QuickmatFLEX are the only matrices with elastic memory, and at 0.03mm, the ultra-thin variants are perfect for attaining tight contacts. Also available are the LumiContrast sectional matrices, whose matte blue surface allows the dentist a clearer view of the intervention area with reduced reflection.

MyCustom Rings kit comprises everything the practitioner needs to recreate the interproximal anatomy of the teeth being addressed successfully. Using the included myCustom Resin, ring tines can be custom-shaped, offering strong contact points and more precise proximal contouring. The kit also contains various matrix bands, maple wedges and silicone extremities.


Getting kitted out

In addition to innovations in the component elements of restoration work, Polydentia also supplies complete kits with everything you need in one place.

The Unica Anterior system is a unique matrix system dedicated to anterior restorations, reducing treatment time and offering improved visualisation of the final restoration shape.

MyClip 2.0 eliminates the need for specialised placement tools – the short handles of the matrix ring act as forceps, giving you an excellent separation force that creates the strong contact points needed to restore Class II cavities.

MyQuickmat Classico (gentle) and Forte (strong) are both sectional matrix systems, customisable to suit the demands of Class II or more extensive cavity restoration work. Both systems include LumiContract matrices and my Wedge interdental plastic wedges as standard.


Premium Polydentia promoted by J&S Davis

With premium-quality materials like stainless steel, nickel-titanium and maple wood all standard to Polydentia products and instruments, it’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular brands we distribute.

Tofflemire and Siqveland matrix systems command a brand loyalty that you’d expect from successfully tried and tested products over many years. As a result, we’re proud to be able to offer today’s dental professionals the most innovative and advanced restoration products on the market.

Why not explore the Polydentia range of matrix systems here. Alternatively, if you already know what you’d like to order, find your nearest retailer here.

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