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25th, April 2022
  • At J&S Davis, we stock and provide dental products from all over the world that offer quality, efficiency and patient comfort
  • We offer a range of Cavex dental filling materials, including their Avalloy Spill Capsules and their Non Gamma-2 Spill
  • With the help of Kuraray, we are able to provide innovative dental filling material to suit all of your dentistry needs

At J&S Davis, we aim to provide high-performance dental products from all over the world that offers quality, efficiency and patient comfort. We only stock and distribute products that we trust and can rely on, which is why we have carefully catered our offer of dental filling materials to your dental needs.

Dental filling materials and products from J&S DavisWhat Dental Filling Materials Do We Offer?


Cavex has been manufacturing innovative, premium solutions for the dental industry since 1908. Their expertise and dental knowledge have allowed them to develop market-leading dental filling materials for dental amalgam.

Their Avalloy Spill Capsules are an economical solution available in 400, 600 and 800mg lathe-cut silver alloy in jars of 50 or 300. These Gamma-2 free capsules created from high copper amalgam provide colour-stable results and maximum patient comfort.

Cavex also offers their Non Gamma-2 Spill, a self-activating and resealable capsule that provides patients and dental professionals optimum safety both during and after mixing. In addition, these dispersed silver alloys for dental amalgam ensure durable restorations that promote and maintain a permanent shine.

Both of Cavex’s dental filling material solutions are easy to process and guarantee long-lasting results to expertly fill cavities caused by tooth decay.


Kuraray is another of our trusted partners committed to developing innovative dental filling material, amongst varying other ventures that use pioneering technology.

Their range of Clearfil solutions has revolutionised restorative composites by designing a self-curing composite system. Their F2 New Bond boasts high bond strength with optimal marginal sealing. In addition, it guarantees aesthetic results by creating a smoothly polishable surface, ensuring patient comfort and contentment.

They also offer a range of ES dental filling materials in a flexible range of premium shades to ensure aesthetic restorations on anterior and posterior teeth. Their Majesty ES Flow is Kuraray’s highest filled, universal flowable composite with a flexural strength of 150MPa and a compressive strength of 373MPa. It can be used in both Class I and II restorations. Its low shrinkage allows it to be strong, durable and wear-resistant, and its nano-hybrid provides for a natural glossy finish. This dental filling material is suitable for use in all indications due to its high filler load and its availability in 10 Vita approved shades.

Kuraray also provides their Majesty ES-2 dental filling materials in Classic, Premium and Universal to suit your dental needs. This classic, high-performance monochromatic composite is available in Vita and additional shades, which allow for aesthetic restorations on anterior and posterior teeth. Their high filler load increases strength and durability, and their innovative sub-micron gives a natural, glossy finish – providing an efficient and aesthetic solution to your dental filling needs! To trial this range, Kuraray offers Clearfil Majesty ES-2 Kits.

They also offer a Clearfil Photo Core, which uses light-curing core build-up composite to suit even the most demanding aesthetic requirements. Their other light-curing offer is their Majesty Posterior, which uses nano-filled, radiopaque restorative posterior composite resin to ensure high surface hardness.

No matter your dental filling needs, we at J&S Davis are confident in our ability to provide you with the best solutions for cavity and filling dental procedures. Easy, reliable restorations are at the forefront of our decision to work with both Cavex and Kuraray. They allow us to provide a range of dental filling materials to match your dental requirements. For more information, please contact us here…

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