Dental Diamond Burs

27th, June 2022
  • J&S Davis stock a wide variety of Meisinger Diamond Burs that promise precision and high-quality performance to maximise surgical efficiency
  • What are Diamond Burs used for, and how do they compare to other dental burs?
  • Our selection of Meisinger Dental Diamond Burs

At J&S Davis, we collaborate with and distribute a range of global dental company’s products to provide you with high-quality dental solutions and equipment to suit your specific needs. One of the companies we work with is Hager & Meisinger, a world-leading manufacturer of dental instruments. Based in Germany, Meisinger is known globally for pushing the boundaries of innovation within the world of dentistry to design and manufacture high-tech, precise tools of unmatched quality and standard. J&S Davis proudly stocks and distributes a range of their market-leading products, including their renowned Dental Diamond Burs.

What Are Dental Diamond Burs Used For?

Dental Diamond Burs have a variety of different uses, including polishing, cutting through porcelain and grinding away tooth tissue, typically enamel, in preparation for crown fittings or veneers. They get their name from their composition of diamond grit in a stainless steel casing, which allows them to grind through tough tissue precisely and efficiently. They are often used in collaboration with a high-speed hand piece, offering fast and accurate operation. Dental professionals worldwide regard them as the perfect option for grinding through natural teeth enamel with ease, leaving a rough surface in preparation for other dental procedures.

Diamond vs Other Types of Burs:

The main types of Dental Burs are Diamond, Carbide, Ceramic, and Steel, which come in a range of different shapes, including football, pear and round burs. Whilst all have their varying uses and advantages, Diamond Burs remain the optimum choice when faced with hard tissues such as enamel or bone. Diamond, as the hardest material on earth, makes light work of this, maximising the efficiency of your dental procedure. Whilst Diamond Burs offer excellent durability and performance; it is important to consider that they tend to have a shorter lifespan than other types of burs, as repeated disinfection can blunt them, reducing precision. Despite this, this choice of surgical bur is flexible to your application needs and allows for dentist ease and patient comfort throughout procedures.

Our Selection of Meisinger Dental Diamond Burs:

At J&S Davis, we distribute a range of Meisinger Dental Diamond Burs in a variety of different shapes, such as but not limited to the Cylinder instruments, Double Cone, Egg, Flame, Grenade and Diabolo variations. All Meisinger instruments are structured with a shank and a hardened stainless profile body, coated with selected diamond grains to ensure a lasting diamond coating. Dental professionals are also offered up to seven different grain sizes to best fit their application needs. They are also available in different pack sizes, depending on the scale of your surgical operations.

Potentially the most unique of their Diamond Burs is their innovative, new Black Cobra B880 instrument. This is enhanced by their special CARBOCER coating, a diamond-like carbon composite, improving their durability and wear-resistance while retaining the much-loved qualities of their other burs.

Another notable Meisinger instrument is their Cool Efficient Diamond Bur. This has been carefully crafted using the latest dental technology to optimise grinding performance whilst remaining cool due to the application of coolant during the process. This Diamond Bur reduces the risk of overheating during dental procedures through no added work by the dental professional, allowing for easy, efficient usage.

Please contact us here for more information about the full range of Meisinger Dental Diamond Burs we offer.

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