Dental Bonding

15th, December 2022

Dental Bonding by J&S Davis

  • What is Dental Bonding?
  • J&S Davis is a market-leading distributor of a range of global dental brands that manufacture equipment for different dental procedures – including dental bonding
  • So, what Dental Bonding equipment & products do J&S Davis stock & distribute?

J&S Davis is a market-leading distributor of a range of dental equipment, materials and products from a variety of global brands. We specialise in dental solutions for a range of different orthodontic and endodontic procedures, including dental bonding.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is the process of applying and hardening a tooth-coloured resin material to the patient’s tooth in order to restore or improve the appearance of their teeth and smile. It is a solution to a range of dental issues, including repairing decayed, chipped or cracked teeth, improving discolouration, changing the shape of teeth or closing the space between teeth. Dental bonding is an effective cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings, instead using composite resin for more natural and aesthetic results.

So, what Dental Bonding equipment & products do we stock & distribute at J&S Davis?

Dental Cement:

There’s a reason why we only stock Kuraray’s Panavia dental cement, and it is because of its unrivalled performance, quality and longevity, especially for dental bonding procedures! We stock multiple ranges of Panavia dental cement, including their SA Cement Universal, F2.0, and V5 lines, as well as their new, unrivalled Panavia Veneer LC range, for flawless veneers of the highest aesthetic quality.

Dental Etch & Bond:

J&S Davis is a proud distributor of Kuraray’s CLEARFIL BOND SYSTEM F, the first available bonding system, which marked the start of the age of adhesive dentistry. They also have developed the ‘total-etch technique’, which involves using a 30 to 40% phosphoric acid gel to prepare and protect the patient’s enamel and dentine for adhesive procedures, including dental bonding. We offer an extensive range of Kuraray’s dental etch and bond products, including Primers, Catalysts and Etchant.

Dental Pretreatment Agents:

Dental pretreatment agents are a vital part of dental bonding procedures, as they help ensure patient comfort and the efficient, easy adhesion of composite resins and other bonding materials. At J&S Davis, we offer a range of dental pretreatment agents from Kuraray.

Dental Filling Material:

Kuraray’s expert range of Clearfil solutions has revolutionised restorative composites by designing a self-curing composite system, making dental bonding easier and more efficient. For example, their F2 New Bond boasts high bond strength with optimal marginal sealing, and their Majesty ES Flow is their highest filled, universal flowable composite resin with high flexural and compressive strength. We offer an extensive range of their dental filling materials for dental bonding, all of which ensure long-lasting, aesthetic results.

Dental Splinting Material:

Dental splinting is a non-invasive procedure that bonds weak teeth together in order to turn them into a more robust, secure single unit. At J&S Davis, we offer Polydentia’s expert range of Fibre Splints, which are fiberglass ribbons of different sizes and thicknesses that are saturated with Fibre-Bond (bonding agent). Due to the bonding agent already being positioned on the etched and bonded surface, they are simple and efficient to use, ensuring patient comfort and seamless results. We offer their Fiber Splint ML, Fiber Splint One Layer, Fibre Splint Ortho Evolution and F Splint Aid & Slim, amongst other dental splinting accessories.

For more information on any of the dental bonding products, equipment and materials we stock and distribute, please call our team of experts on 01438 747344, or click here to contact us at J&S Davis.

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