Dental Bonding – an overview

4th, October 2021

Kuraray’s Clearfil – an overview.

  • Clearfil range includes some of the strongest dental adhesives on the market
  • Clearfil SE Bond 2 is a light-cure bonding system, perfect for use as a bulk-fill composite
  • Clearfil Universal Bond Quick for total-etch, selective etch and self-etch methods

 Dental Bonding from J&S DavisIt was the mid-1950s when dental bonding procedures were first developed as a better route to preventative and restorative dental work that, crucially for patients, was a minimally invasive way of improving their oral health.

When it comes to dental bonding, one size does not fit all. Today’s practitioners are free to choose from a wealth of information and a range of techniques and materials that ensure they can offer their patients cutting-edge repair work, dentistry and orthodontics.

The evolution of treatments such as dental bonding and teeth splinting, alongside modern innovations like implants, crowns and veneers, have been a boon for patients.

Dentistry is less invasive, the retention and preservation of healthy tissue has increased, the need for extraction is reduced, and there is more choice of cosmetic dental procedures, like teeth whitening.

Patients continue to benefit from better oral hygiene through safe, fast and cost-effective treatments.

J&S Davis makes a clear case for Clearfil – the best dental bond durability.

The early 1980s saw Kuraray develop the revolutionary Clearfil Bond System F in co-operation with Prof. T. Fusayama, pioneer of the first ‘total-etch’ bonding technique.

More than 35 years on, the Clearfil range includes some of the strongest dental adhesives on the market, all of them containing Kuraray’s essential component – the MDP monomer, producing improved adhesion to different materials such as enamel, dentine and metal alloys.

Hydroxyapatite and calcium react with the hydrophilic group of the MDP monomer to form a strong chemical bond. We know that hydroxyapatite crystals will still be present in the hybrid layer after mild self-etching, so a more stable hybrid later is subsequently formed by the adhesive.

A powerful bond to the tooth enamel is now guaranteed.

Clearfil SE Bond 2

Utilising self-etch technology and having Kuraray’s original 10-MDP monomer as standard, Clearfil SE Bond 2 is a light-cure bonding system, perfect for use as a bulk-fill composite.

It maintains a tight seal on dentine, absorbs strength, has a low film thickness, and provides the best bond durability with an improved catalyst system.

With approximately 250 applications per bottle, the product also represents excellent value for money.

Clearfil Universal Bond Quick

Described by some as ‘the Swiss Army knife of adhesives’, this dental bonding product can be used with confidence for total-etch, selective etch and self-etch methods.

Compatible with nearly all composite materials and trusted for use in direct and indirect restorations and repairs, Clearfil Universal Bond Quick offers durable bonding in the shortest time, thanks to Kuraray’s Rapid Bond Technology.

No need to wait. Rub it in or apply more than one coat; the 10-MDP monomer combines with hydrophilic amide monomers to provide rapid chemical bonding and fast penetration of the dental tissue.

When one small 5ml bottle contains approximately 250 applications that can do all this, it’s no wonder it’s called a ‘universal’ bond. J&S Davis supply a full range of Clearfil etching and bonding treatments and all your dental supplies, order from one of our retailers today!

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