Dental Anesthesia Needles

25th, April 2022
  • Choosing the right dental anesthesia for your procedure or application requirements
  • Requirements regarding the utilisation of dental anesthesia needles
  • Our innovative range of Solo Supra dental anesthesia needles that guarantee patient comfort and easier insertions

Dental Anesthesia Needles from J&S DavisThe selection of the correct type of dental anesthesia needle should be based on two critical factors, the depth of penetration required and the injection type. From this starting point, you can then determine the other needle requirements you are looking for, but remember, technique is also important! At J&S Davis, we believe that to make this process more accessible; it is useful to know more about the components that make up any dental anesthesia needles to help inform your decision:

Main Components:

The basic anatomy includes the shank, hub, bevel, cartridge penetration end and syringe adaptor. These components are fundamental in the design, structure and use of any dental needle used to administer anesthesia.

The bevel of the needle refers to the sharp point connected to the hub by the shaft capable of nontraumatic entry into the patient’s skin, allowing it to penetrate the tissue. The hub is directly attached to the syringe adaptor, creating the syringe adaptor/hub complex, most often referred to as the hub. The final part of the needle is the cartridge penetration end which perforates the anesthetic cartridge. These elements work collaboratively to allow for easy insertion and administration of a range of dental anesthetics.


Whilst the hub of any dental anesthesia needle plays a fundamental role in the efficiency of the needle, it is also the weakest part of the instrument. This means it requires extra care to prevent breakages, as this could result in the exposure of the needle and the potential for it to become lost in the patient’s tissue; this would be difficult to retrieve and cause discomfort for the patient. Hubs are available in metal or plastic formats, depending on the syringe and injection.


All dental anesthesia needles, as well as our own Solo Supra range, are available in long, short, and extra short, depending on the procedure. Our team of experts at J&S Davis would be happy to advise you on the most suitable for your application.


The gauge of a needle refers to the lumen diameter, which is the hollow tunnel inside of the needle. The recommended gauge for all injections is a 25-gauge, but again this measurement can be matched to your required procedure, as well as the type of dental anesthesia.

Use of Dental Anesthesia Needles:

Safety and hygiene are two critical factors when using dental anesthesia needles to prevent the risk of injury or infection. Therefore there are a few health and safety guidelines we advise that you follow:

  • Needles must never be reused or used on more than one patient
  • The strict use of sterile needles to eliminate the risk of contamination or infection
  • Before use, needles should remain capped, and following the injection, this cap should then be returned before vigilant disposal and destruction of the needle after use
  • In the event of the administration of multiple injections, the dental anesthesia needle should be changed after 3 or 4 insertions in a patient
  • Never force a needle against any kind of resistance, as this could lead to breakage and damage

Our Solo Supra Needles – Applying the Fundamentals of Dental Anesthesia Needles:

At J&S Davis, we have designed, innovated and manufactured efficient dental anesthesia needles to suit your dental applications. Our Imperial thread Solo Supra needles are available in long (27g – 0.40 x 35mm), short (30g – 0.30 x 23mm), and extra short and are specially coated for patient comfort. To ensure more precise placement of anesthetic, the needles have been created using a triple bevel lancet. Our hub is designed to accept and withstand a wider thread tolerance from various cartridge syringes to remove the risk of needle breakages.

Our aim at J&S Davis is to provide efficient dental anesthesia needles that ensure patient comfort and easy, quick insertion to suit your dental industry needs. For more information on our Solo Supra Needles, please contact us here or call 01438 747344.

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