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8th, December 2022

 Dental Alginate by J&S Davis

  • What is Dental Alginate & What is it Used For?
  • J&S Davis is a leading distributor of a range of market-leading dental alginates & dental impression trays & materials for a range of periodontic & orthodontic procedures
  • Discover the dental alginates we offer from our own Solo range, as well as from our trusted partners L&R Manufacturing & Cavex

J&S Davis is a leading distributor of a wide range of market-leading dental equipment and solutions from a variety of global brands. With years of industry experience and expertise, we use our extensive dental knowledge to make educated decisions about the dental supplies we stock and distribute, ensuring only the best performance, efficiency, and reliability can be achieved. One of the dental products we offer is dental alginates from our own Solo range, as well as from trusted partners L&R Manufacturing and Cavex.

What is Dental Alginate & What is it Used For?

Alginate is a commonly used dental impression material that plays an integral part in modern dentistry for making impressions of teeth and adjacent soft tissues in both orthodontics and endodontics.

These impressions can then be used to create a replica of the patient’s teeth and mouth. Dental alginate has irreversible hydrocolloid and elastic properties and works well with water, meaning that accurate restorations can be achieved even in the presence of saliva. It is often used for indirect restorations as a cost-effective, simple solution for flawless, reliable results.

So, what dental alginates do J&S Davis stock and distribute?

J&S Davis Solo:

From our own Solo range, we have designed our expert Impression Trays – the tray system with the flexibility to handle your requirements. These dental impression trays have been designed with smoother rims for improved patient comfort but also with an anatomically correct design to enable more accurate impressions. By utilising a rigid, 100% recyclable plastic, these trays allow for the use of all impression materials and have a unique tray and handle interlock system for ease of insertion and removal, again ensuring efficiency and patient comfort.

L&R Manufacturing:

We stock L&R Manufacturing’s Alginate Remover Powder, an expert ultrasonic cleaning solution. Its concentrated powder formula has been carefully designed to efficiently remove alginate, loose plaster and stone for flawless results.


Regarding Cavex, we stock a range of their alginate dental equipment and dental impression material.

Dental Equipment – The Cavex Alginate Mixer II enhances dental impression performance by standardising the alginate mixing procedure and eliminating any imperfections. This allows dental professionals peace of mind that they have a smooth, homogeneous alginate mixture free of any lumps or air bubbles that guarantees unmatched procedural accuracy.

Dental Impression Materials – J&S Davis stock and distribute a range of Cavex dental alginates, including their CA37 general purpose alginate for reliable, accurate results and their award-winning Cream Alginate, which is ideal for ensuring exceptional detail. We also offer their Colourchange Alginate, a fast-set solution featuring a functional colour change system. This dental alginate provides dimensional stability for 9 days without any shrinkage, even if the impressions aren’t poured immediately. The final option we offer is their Impressional Alginate, which is ideal for working around metal frameworks and noticeable undercuts due to its high elasticity.

To ensure the longevity of your equipment, we also offer the Cavex Green Clean, a pH-neutral alginate and gypsum remover that is capable of removing residue from impression trays, spatulas and other instruments. We also stock the Cavex Alginate Container, Mixer Accessories and Mixing Bowl to ensure you have all of the equipment you need for efficient dental procedures.

For more information on the dental alginates we stock and distribute, please call our team of experts on 01438 747344, or click here to contact us at J&S Davis.

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