Curasept Biosmalto

19th, October 2023

Curasept Biosmalto From J&S Davis

  • What is Curasept Biosmalto?
  • What Curasept Biosmalto products & accessories do we stock & distribute at J&S Davis?
  • Take a look at the available products for caries, abrasion & erosion, & for sensitive teeth!

What Is Curasept Biosmalto?

As a leading innovator of innovative, safe dental solutions, Curasept, since its beginning in 2001, has transformed the world of chemical and medical oral hygiene. Developed through 7 years of specialist research, Curasept’s Biosmalto remineralises and strengthens enamel using an innovative formula that contains substituted hydroxyapatite.

What Curasept Biosmalto Products & Accessories Do We Stock & Distribute At J&S Davis?

For Caries, Abrasion & Erosion:

Exposure to sugary and acidic foods, stomach acid, bacterial plaque buildup, poor oral hygiene and abrasive toothpastes can all contribute towards oral issues, including erosion, abrasion, caries, and even sensitivity. Curasept’s Caries, Abrasion & Erosion range has been carefully innovated to help combat this!

Caries, Abrasion & Erosion Mousse – Professional & Home-Use:

This innovative mousse has been designed to act quickly to remineralise enamel and dentine for patients who are suffering from high tooth wear, carious lesions, a dry mouth or as an adjuvant for those needing treatment for MIH and white spots. It works by increasing the resistance to mechanical abrasion, acid attacks and acid erosion, helping the patient’s teeth to regenerate enamel and dentine.

Caries, Abrasion & Erosion Mouthwash:

Curasept’s Biosmalto mouthwash contains fluoride that helps to inhibit bacterial plaque from forming whilst also preventing sensitivity and dental caries. This renowned mouthwash also helps to remineralise enamel and dentine, protecting teeth from abrasion and acid erosion.

Caries, Abrasion & Erosion Toothpaste:

Much like the mousse and mouthwash, this toothpaste contains hydroxyapatite to strengthen enamel and inhibit caries, abrasion and erosion. For the best results, we recommend that patients and dental professionals use these products together.

Caries, Abrasion & Erosion Toothpaste – Junior:

Designed for 7-12-year-olds, the junior toothpaste utilises the same expert formula but caters to the needs of younger teeth! This solution prevents plaque formation on both deciduous and permanent teeth whilst also remineralising the hard tissues of newly formed teeth, protecting them from abrasion, acid erosion and sensitivity.

For Sensitive Teeth:

Utilising the same hydroxyapatite in this category of Biosmalto products also helps to remineralise and strengthen enamel, but with a more specialist formula that also helps to prevent sensitivity. This is achieved through the use of strontium salts, which occlude dentinal tubules, relieving pain and sensitivity whilst looking after dentine and enamel!

Sensitive Mousse – Home-Use:

Much like the rest of Curasept’s Biosmalto range, their Sensitive Mousse has been created as the product of 7 years of thorough research! It acts fast not only to strengthen and remineralise dental enamel but to also reduce sensitivity to ensure patient comfort.

Sensitive Mouthwash:

This innovative formula reduces pain rapidly whilst also providing long-lasting protection from tooth sensitivity. As with the rest of the Biosmalto range, it also firmly remineralises enamel and dentine.

Sentisitive Toothpaste:

By relieving the pain caused by sensitivity and occluding dentinal tubes, this toothpaste effectively provides lasting relief and patient comfort!

Sensitive Mousse – Professional:

Available with single-use trays and without, this is a 150ml tube of the sensitive mousse designed for efficient in-surgery application. It is formulated with the same tried and tested ingredients to achieve optimum results!

For more information on any of the Curasept Biosmalto products and accessories that we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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