Composite Restorations – Go!

8th, July 2024

Composite restoration work? J&S Davis has you covered with its range of high quality solutions for all of your composite restoration needs.

From Kuraray’s trusted Clearfil Bonds and Composites, to Swiss made matrix systems from Polydentia. Not forgetting LM’s highly ergonomic solution to hand instrumentation – LM ErgoSense instruments.

Take a look at the below step by step instructions for the perfect composite restoration. You are welcome!

1. Tooth preparation, any decayed or damaged tooth is removed, and at this stage you will check for caries with Caries Detector. The Caries Detector will indicate if any caries has been left in the tooth. Caries Detector can be applied multiple times.

2. Isolation of the tooth. Isolation of the tooth can be done in several ways, but at this stage we would recommend Polydentia Quickmat Forte system, sectional matrix. This will give you isolation and strong separation interdentally.

3. Bonding, With the Clearfil Universal Bond Quick, you will apply for 10 seconds on dentine and enamel, dry and then light cure in preparation for the Majesty ES-2 Composite.

4. Composite layering, this stage of using the Majesty ES-2 composite resin, you will apply in layers shaping and sculpting so it matches the natural tooth structure. You will achieve the correct anatomy using the specialised LM Arte Dark Diamond instruments. Once you are happy with the shape, light cure.

5. Polishing, after the final light cure, the Majesty ES-2 composite is ready for it’s final polishing using the Twist-DIA. This is a two-stage polishing process which will give you a high lustre finish.

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