Clearfil Universal Bond Quick

30th, May 2024

Clearfil Universal Bond Quick J&S Davis

The Swiss Army Knife Of Adhesives

  • What is Clearfil?
  • What is Clearfil Universal Bond Quick?
  • What are the benefits of Clearfil Universal Bond Quick?

What Is Clearfil?

Clearfil™ is an industry-leading range of dental solutions from pioneer Kuraray Noritake Dental. Kuraray formulates and manufactures an extensive range of innovative, chemically advanced dental products that are renowned across the industry. Their Clearfil™ range predominantly focuses on dental bonding, filling and finishing, with a large range of products, solutions and accessories available to suit specific dental needs, including composite restorative materials and bonding agents. Kuraray has years of experience, extensive expertise, and knowledge in various medical fields. They utilise this alongside constant research, development and innovation to produce best-in-class solutions. This proactiveness has solidified their position as industry leaders, with some of their most successful dental bonding agents and cements being their Clearfil™ SE Bond and Panavia™. Clearfil™ Universal Bond Quick is another testament to their dedication to their craft!

What Is Clearfil Universal Bond Quick?

Clearfil™ Universal Bond Quick is a market-leading composite bonding adhesive that guarantees uniform results and optimum adhesion, all in one bottle. Utilising rapid bond technology, this bonding agent creates a strong, reliable bond to hydroxyapatite, maximising the finish and longevity of the results. It also offers dentists and dental professionals a predictable, single-step procedure and a fast cure time to ensure optimal procedural efficiency and patient satisfaction. By incorporating outstanding curing properties, it creates a highly cross-linked polymer network inside the bonding, which is what enables it to create such a strong adhesive. All of these innovative features and conscious chemical compositions guarantee a lasting, durable bonding layer which boasts a very low water absorption. Unlike more traditional bonding agents and materials, Clearfil™ Universal Bond Quick eliminates the inefficient multi-layer requirements, extensive rubbing and waiting time commonly associated with dental bonding! This optimises procedural efficiency whilst also ensuring clean, durable results.

This bonding agent is suitable for core build-ups, all direct restorations, and even indirect repairs and restorations. This makes it a universal product suitable for a wide range of procedures and treatments. As mentioned, it also eliminates long wait times, as it doesn’t contain any ‘slow monomers’ that require time to work. Therefore, there is no need to wait for it to penetrate the dentin before proceeding. This feature also maximises its flexibility and efficiency!

What Are The Benefits Of Clearfil Universal Bond Quick?

  • Renowned as the Swiss army knife of adhesives, Clearfil™ Universal Bond Quick has everything you need in a single bottle!
  • Clearfil™ Universal Bond Quick contains Kuraray’s original MDP monomer, which ensures maximum bond strength and durability.
  • This product is easy to use, even single-handed, with a handy flip top.
  • This dental bonding adhesive can be used in all etch procedures.
  • Its low film thickness of 5-10 um allows for precise fit, ensuring both aesthetic and functional results.
  • Universal Bond Quick is a time-effective solution; it works almost instantly and only takes 15 seconds to apply.
  • It is also cost-effective and economical, as there are 250 applications per 5 ml bottle.

For more information on Clearfil™ Universal Bond Quick or on any of the other dental products, materials and accessories we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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