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  • Who are Hager & Meisinger?
  • Why do we choose to stock & distribute Meisinger dental products & equipment?
  • Take a look at the Meisinger dental products we stock & distribute at J&S Davis
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Who Are Hager & Meisinger?

Since their formation in 1888, Hager & Meisinger has become one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of high-tech rotating instruments for the dental and medical industries. Their products are renowned for their quality, reliability and precision, meeting all the demands of modern dental instruments and technology whilst also setting a precedent in the industry, promising a future full of innovation and advancement.

Why Do We Choose To Stock And Distribute Meisinger Dental Products & Equipment?

The main reason we are proud to stock and distribute Meisinger products is their willingness to transcend the boundaries of technological innovation. Through their intense research and development, they have been able to create unmatched quality, efficiency and precision that defines their company as one of the best in their field. The high-performance design of their products and equipment is consistently aligned with the day-to-day necessities of dental and medical professionals. Their 130 years of knowledge and expertise ensure we are able to provide our clients with innovative, modern dental solutions and technology that meets the highest quality, reliability and safety standards, which is why Meisinger has become a trusted partner of J&S Davis.

So, What Meisinger Dental Products And Equipment Do We Stock & Distribute At J&S Davis?

The products we stock from Meisinger can be split into the following subcategories…

Bone Management:

Regarding bone management, we offer a variety of their Control Kits, which provide dental professionals with the tools they need to perform a range of extractions and restorative procedures in a safe and efficient manner. Some examples of these include their Benex Control, Crest Control and External Lift Control, among others. We also offer some of their other innovative bone management instruments, such as their Diamond Disc Osteotomy, Expansion Bur, Initial Bur, Pilot Bur, and a selection of different drills and equipment. This is just a quick overview, but if you have any queries about our full portfolio of Meisinger bone management products, one of our experts will be happy to help!


The Meisinger implants we offer include their Bone Level Implants, Bone Level Prosthetics, Tissue Level Implants, Tissue Level Prosthetics and their range of implant Instruments.

Dental Finishing & Polishing:

As with bone management procedures, we also offer an extensive variety of Meisinger solutions for dental finishing and polishing. This includes, but isn’t limited to, their CAD CAM Polishing, Advanced and Prep Kit Posterior kits, their CEREC Doctor Finishing and Preparation Kits, as well as a large range of burs, handpieces and equipment all designed for efficient and effective dental finishing and polishing.

Dental Burs:

At J&S Davis, we offer a large portfolio of Meisinger’s dental burs, including their best-in-class diamond instruments. These are composed of a shank and a robust, stainless body coated with selected diamond grains by the modern galvanisation process. This ensures a safe, durable, homogenous diamond coating that protects your burs from wear. Meisinger uses this method of construction to ensure optimum procedural precision, comfort and results. We also offer a range of different dental bur kits from Meisinger, which are renowned for their efficiency and ability to provide dental professionals with all of the equipment they need for a variety of dental procedures.

Digital Dentistry:

Due to recent innovations in the world of digital dentistry, Meisinger also now manufactures their revolutionary “Digital Chairside Solution” (DCS) system, which offers a comprehensive chairside package for all dental prosthetics. This includes their DCS Milling Machine, DCS Wireless Scanner, and Digital Planning Service.

For more information on any of the Hager & Meisinger dental products and equipment we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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