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LM Instruments

Whether it comes to the design or the production of the LM-Dental instruments, LM focus on the specific needs of the dental experts. LM are in constant communication with the end users to keep product development on the cutting edge. The radical product theses of LM in the 1980s - a thicker handle, optimised shape, elastic surface, lightness and colour coding- have become industry wide standards in the 21st century.

The ergonomics has been the guiding light of LM product development since the establishment of the company. Based on new research we know more than ever about ergonomic instrumentation. The result is LM-ErgoSense, a future icon in dentistry.

In addition to the new level of ergonomics, LM-ErgoSense offers new opportunities with its built-in RFID technology, which together with scanning readers and software create a unique Dental Tracking System.

You and your patients can feel the difference.

Choosing the handle

LM instruments are available with a selection of different handles. All exceptionally ergonomic due to the elastic silicone coating and optimised contouring. The clinician's hand fit and indication both play a role in selecting an ideal handle type. Interchanging different handles may place the user's hand under even less strain.


The larger diameter and design provide sensational grip that has been proven to be ergonomic and efficient in scientific clinical testing. Uniquely intelligent handle with the option for RFID tagging. The compatibility with the Dental Tracking System offers many opportunties to improve asset management and patient safety.


Classic ergonomic design that others copy. Functions well in all clinical procedures and guarantees excellent tactile sensitivity and relaxed grip.


The thinner handle that functions best in light clinical procedures.

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