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Inventor of the Bonding System

In 1978, Kuraray introduced the first bonding system to the market: CLEARFIL BOND SYSTEM-F, the start of the age of adhesive dentistry. At the same time, the company developed the 'total-etch technique' for enamel and dentin.

Today, more than a quarter of a century after entering the field of dentistry, Kuraray continues to steadily produce innovative quality products which meet the requirements of a constantly developing profession. Its products that make history - such as PANAVIA F 2.0, CLEARFIL PROTECT BOND, CLEARFIL(TM) SE BOND and ESTENIA C&B - are proof of Kuraray's capability to develop solutions for practice from the results of the pioneering research. As science and society continue to develop, new questions and challenges also arise for dental materials. Kuraray Medical Inc. has set itself the goal of meeting demands and requirements of dentistry to the very best of its ability, now and in the future.

Kuraray ensures that dentists will always have a reliable partner in this company by maintaining an intensive, regular exchange of information with its customers, through comprehensive research and development, and ongoing training. A partner who has the capability to offer solutions for a new era of protective filling therapy.

MDP Monomer

After Kuraray introduced the first adhesive monomer in dental history by inventing the phosphate monomer Phenyl-P in 1976, its molecular structure was improved in 1981 by creating a molecule with greater adhesive capability to the tooth structure and an affinity for metal. The result of this development work was the MDP monomer (10-Methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate), which convinced users by its special monomer structure.

This phosphate monomer was extremely effective for enamel, dentin and on metal alloys.
Consequently, PANAVIA™, including the MDP monomer, was introduced as a high-performance adhesive resin cement for the cementation to tooth structure and to metals.

The impressive success of PANAVIA™ encouraged Kuraray to integrate the MDP monomer into other bonding systems as well as to obtain a high degree of adhesion to tooth substrate from the formation of a chemical bonding.

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