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  • J&S Davis are a leading supply of global dental product manufacturers, including Kuraray Noritake Dental, a Japan-based company known for their pioneering new dental technologies
  • As leaders of the age of adhesive dentistry, Kuraray has revolutionized the dental industry with their unrivalled products & solutions
  • So, what Kuraray dental products do J&S Davis stock & distribute?

J&S Davis is a leading supplier of a wide variety of global manufacturers within the dentistry industry. With years of knowledge and expertise in the dental field, we are confident in our ability to only offer the best, unrivalled dental equipment and products from the best brands. One of our trusted partners is Kuraray Noritake Dental, a global company based in Japan that manufactures pioneering new dental technologies that have revolutionized the world of dentistry.

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Kuraray Dental Products from J&S DavisKuraray’s range of dental products, equipment and materials offer unrivalled solutions for use in various dental procedures. Their company is built on providing innovative products that guarantee efficiency, ease of use and patient comfort. You can trust Kuraray for unmatched results and products that you can trust.

So what Kuraray dental products & materials do we supply…

CAD CAM Blocks:
The Kuraray Katana Avencia CAD CAM blocks are renowned for their precision, strength and polish ability. This Kuraray product is created using a unique manufacturing method, which means that these new hybrid ceramic blocks offer durability you can rely on.

Core Build-Up Materials:
We offer the Kuraray Clearfil DC Core Plus and UBQ Kit, along with the Core Plus Refill. These innovative build-up dental materials have been designed and manufactured to promise unmatched adhesion and reliability for a range of dental procedures.

Dental Cements:
With their introduction of the trusted brand, Panavia, Kuraray provided the dental industry with an unrivalled dental self-adhesive resin cement. Now available in the Panavia V5, F2.0, SA Universal, and the new Veneer LC paste, Kuraray’s dental cements guarantee professional, flawless results that have transformed the world of adhesive dentistry.

Dental Etch & Bond:
Kuraray revolutionised the dental industry by introducing the first bonding system to the market, the Clearfil Bond System F, beginning the age of adhesive dentistry. At J&S Davis, we stock and distribute a range of Kuraray dental etch and bond products, including Clearfil K Etchant, Clearfil Univeral Bond Quick and SE Bond 2 Bond, Primer and Kit.

Dental Filling Materials:
Regarding dental filling materials, we stock a range of Kuraray’s Clearfil products, including the Majesty ES Flow, ES-2 Classic, Premium and Universal, as well as the ES-2 Kits. At J&S Davis, we also offer the Clearfil Majesty Posterior and Clearfil AP-X dental filling products.

Dental Finishing & Polishing:
We stock the Clearfil Twist DIA for Composite Kit with product Refills available and the Twist DIA for Zirconia Kit and Refill. Both pieces of dental equipment guarantee unrivalled high gloss results when finishing and polishing.

Dental Pretreatment Agents:
Kuraray offers a range of dental pretreatment agents that J&S Davis stock and distribute, including the Clearfil Alloy Primer, Ceramic Primer Plus, and DC Activator amongst others, for use in a variety of dental procedures.

Tooth Desensitisers:
Kuraray’s innovative new Teethmate Desensitiser Kits and product Refills offer a reliable solution for sensitivity by creating Hydroxyapatite. This ensures optimum patient comfort for better and easier dental procedures.

Interested in any of the products above? For more information about any of the Kuraray products, we stock & distribute, please click here to contact us at J&S Davis. Or, feel free to call us today on 01438 747344.

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