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Curasept ADS

Experience and innovation to improve oral wellness

Curasept SpA was founded in 2001 and soon became a leader in the oral hygiene market thanks to the know-how, the commitment of its managers and the development of innovative product lines.

The primary goal of Curasept SpA is to propose original and innovative solutions both in the area of chemical and mechanical oral hygiene .

On the one hand, Curasept SpA is aimed directly at consumers with a wide range of specific products for home use, on the other hand constantly strives to raise awareness among dentists , hygienists and pharmacists to disseminate more innovative techniques and tools to combat disorders of the masticatory apparatus.

Thanks to cutting-edge research laboratories, a dynamic structure that guarantees high standards of efficiency and the staff of motivated and competent professionals, Curasept SpA has become in a few years an absolute reference point in the variegated Italian panorama of oral hygiene: a daily resource for the health of patients and at the same time a reliable partner for all specialists in the sector.

Click the following link to view the many pieces of scientific research that have been undertaken on Curasept ADS CURASEPT ADS_Folder studi_ENGL 05.06.

In line with the company's goal, advanced formulas have been developed that have made it possible to improve techniques and therapeutic systems in the field of hygiene with better compliance for patients and facilitating the "task" of professionals in the sector. The first big success was the ADS system ( Anti Discoloration System) : a system that, used in preparations based on Chlorhexidine , (mouthwashes, gels, toothpastes, etc.) allows to drastically reduce the pigmentation induced by this. This system has allowed a better and more widespread use of this substance as evidenced by the growth of the market segment of Chlorhexidine mouthwashes and the rapid acquisition of leadership of our Curasept ADS mouthwash ..

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