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BPR Swiss From J&S Davis

  • J&S Davis offer a range of BPR Swiss’ expert mobile dental units & equipment, allowing you to provide a surgery-level service anywhere, anytime!
  • Who are BPR Swiss?
  • Take a look at the BPR Swiss portable dental units, products & equipment we stock & distribute at J&S Davis

Who Are BPR Swiss?

BPR Swiss is a globally renowned leader in mobile dentistry innovation, supplying a range of domiciliary and mobile dentistry units and equipment. For over 25 years, they have been innovating revolutionary, industry-changing dental and medical equipment for a range of different fields. This includes providing portable units for dental clinics, orthodontics, oral surgery, and dental hygiene, as well as offering solutions for schools, hospitals, humanitarian aid and the army. No matter the place, no matter the time, BPR Swiss makes efficient, high-quality dental support available to all!

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Their portable units and portable equipment have all been carefully crafted with the latest dental and medical technologies to ensure high-quality performance and efficiency. This is why we were happy to welcome them as a trusted partner and manufacturer, which enabled us to provide our customers with reliable mobile dental units and products to suit their industry and application needs.

So, what BPR Swiss mobile dentistry products and equipment do we stock & distribute at J&S Davis?

At J&S Davis, we stock a range of BPR Swiss’ world-class portable dental equipment, including units, lights, stools and chairs which are all easy and efficient to assemble, dismantle and transport. All units and equipment have also been designed to provide surgery-quality suction, allowing you to perform a high-quality service from anywhere, whether in the community or when you’re in need of in-surgery backup.

Arguably the most renowned BPR Swiss portable dental unit is their Smart-Port and Smart-Port Premium, which have been designed to encase all of the important dental tools you need in a single 12-kilogram case. Mobile dental units of a similar nature include their Super-Port, Combi-Cart Clinic and Combi-Port Premium, all of which we offer at J&S Davis. These innovative mobile units all allow you to deliver surgery-level service and quality equivalent to that performed in dental clinics. Their carefully considered design also ensures easy assembling and dismantling, making set-up and transportation as efficient as possible.

Other BPR Swiss products we offer include their P3 and P3 Master, which are self-sufficient mobile dental units that surpass all competition with their expert design, elegance, flexibility and comfort. They are efficient to set up and only require 3 plugs, drastically reducing high construction costs for dental professionals. Due to them requiring no formal installation, they are flexible to a dynamic workflow, increasing flexibility in career planning and your daily needs. They are also both equipped with a fully-autonomous P3-Cart, an elegant mobile treatment unit which requires no installation.

We also offer a range of BPR Swiss’ portable vacuums, including their Master-VAC, the first fully stand-alone suction cart whose functionality and efficiency is way above even fixed traditional units. J&S Davis also stocks and distributes other mobile suction units, including their Pro-Vac and Minimax-Vac, which work seamlessly with their Denta-Pro for unmatched suction and ultimate portability. We also stock other smaller units, including the Denta Port 303, the Denta Cart 404, and the Denta Boy 202 – the world’s smallest dental unit!

For more information on any of the BPR Swiss mobile dental units and equipment we stock and distribute at J&S Davis, please click here to contact us or call our team of experts on 01438 747344.

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