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21st, March 2022
  • Dental cements are widely used for a range of dental and orthodontic applications
  • Which Dental Cement may be best for you?
  • A wide range of innovative and effective Panavia solutions available

Best dental cements from J&S DavisDental cements are widely used for a range of dental and orthodontic applications, predominantly for bonding prosthetics (luting agents) and orthodontic appliances to teeth. Their other uses include cavity linings, temporary restoration of teeth, sedation or insulation and cementing fixed prosthodontic appliances. Most commonly used today are glass ionomer and resin composite cements, but zinc phosphate, zinc oxide eugenol, and polycarboxylate cements are also available, depending on your desired usage.

Which Dental Cement May Be The Best For You?

Glass Ionomer: Mixture of glass and natural acid, known for their efficiency at bonding to the hard tissue of teeth; however, they are unpredictable regarding postoperative tooth sensitivity.

Resin Composite: Mixture of glass and polymer resin material, excellent improved

bond strength and durability; however, less moisture tolerant, and procedure more difficult due to the area needing to be kept dry.

Our Solutions:

At J&S Davis, we offer a range of Panavia dental cements, as well as primers and try-in paste. Our selection can be purchased individually or as part of our Intro, Standard, or Professional kits.

Tooth Primers:

One of the two primers we distribute is the Panavia F2.0 ED Primer II, which operates as a self-etching primer, enabling the effective penetration of enamel and dentine in one step. In addition, this solution prevents postoperative sensitivity and boasts simple and easy handling due to its water base. Our other offer is the V5 Tooth Primer which works by connecting to the tooth and curing the paste. Again, Panavia innovated this product to include the original MDP monomers, which allow a strong adhesive bond to enamel and dentine, in addition to an accelerated curing process from the moment it combines with the V5 paste.

Dental Cements:

Panavia F2.0 Paste: Since 2003, Panavia has offered this universal resin cement, with an inclusive shade range, that prides itself on high bond strength to tooth substrates, metals and ceramics. There is also an Oxyguard version on offer.

Panavia SA Cement Universal: New and improved version of Panavia SA Cement Plus. Throughout the careful innovation and a change in the chemical properties of this dental cement, Panavia has removed the need for primers, eliminating time-consuming additional steps.

Panavia V5 Paste: This recently innovated cement prides itself on being a solution that offers both strength and beauty. Boasting a flexural strength 33% higher than its F2.0 counterpart, it ensures shades remain stable over time, providing a lasting flawless finish.

Intro Kits:

Both the F2.0 and V5 Intro Kits offer the perfect basis and selection of products in a range of colours to introduce and acquaint you with the dental cement solutions Panavia offers.

Standard Kits:

We offer both the F2.0 and the V5 Standard Kits with all the appropriate equipment included, depending on the dental cement better suited to your dentistry applications.

Professional Kits:

The Panavia V5 Professional Kit aims to simplify your cementation by providing all the products you need to cover all indications. The automix application and the range of 5 shades for accurate shade matching saves time due to quick and efficient application. It also equips you with the related Tooth Primer and Ceramic Primer Plus, which contain MDP for the best bond durability, ensuring you have all the tools you need for effective application.

At J&S Davis, we pride ourselves on supplying only the best products to suit your application needs. We ensure this service is offered and carried out by consulting our years of experience and industry knowledge to continue to cement our reputation and our customer loyalty. To purchase any of the Panavia dental cements, or for more information, please click here.

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