Benex Extraction System

16th, August 2022

  • J&S Davis is a leading distributor of the most efficient, reliable dental equipment brands, including Hager & Meisinger, a trusted manufacturer of market-leading instruments
  • Root extraction has never been easier than with Hager & Meisinger’s professional Benex Extraction System
  • A look into how the expert design & composition of the Benex Extraction System promises efficient operation & long-lasting reliable results without compromising patient comfort

J&S Davis is a trusted distributor of market-leading global dentistry brands and products that promise only the best quality dental instruments, systems and equipment. With years of experience and expertise within the dental industry, we have come to be recognised for high levels of efficiency and quality, and therefore only stock and distribute solutions and instruments we trust to get the job done for you. One of our trusted partners is Hager & Meisinger, renowned within the dental industry for its unrivalled dental instruments. Founded in 1888, Meisinger is one of the oldest existing global manufacturers of dental equipment and systems, widely recognised for their precise attention to detail and unmatched reliability during dental procedures. Their timeless designs are continually enhanced with the latest technology and materials to create unmatched dental equipment to support your procedures.

Hager & Meisinger are known worldwide for pushing the boundaries of modern dentistry, which is reflected through their innovative Benex Extraction System – the perfect solution to support effective bone management. Benex has been designed to improve the efficiency of your dental extraction procedures whilst also promising long-lasting results that you can trust. With unrivalled levels of patient acceptance, dental root extraction has never been as easy as with the Benex Control Professional kit!

Benex Control Professional – Extraction Made Easy!

Meisinger’s Benex Control Professional is their expert extraction solution for dental roots and dental root fragments without damaging any tissue. Benex guarantees safe and controlled root extraction to allow for maximum protection of soft tissue and hard bone and, in turn, ensure patient comfort isn’t compromised. It’s ideal for use in situations where conventional drawing using forceps and leverages is inappropriate, for example, where immediate implantation is required or where the anterior teeth have suffered some kind of trauma. This extraction system promises perfect alveolar management and protects dental tissue even in these circumstances.

The expert design of the Benex extraction system has been tailored to prevent damage or discomfort to any tissue, using high-quality, reliable dental instruments to guarantee the best possible results and prevent an osteotomy. Meisinger’s Benex solution is made up of innovative diamond-coated twist drills, extraction screws, extraction screw key and pilot burs. This combination of these drill, screw and bur components makes for the most effective system to support your dental needs and keep on top of bone management. Axial force distribution helps preserve the vestibular bone lamella, to support effective dental bone management.

This dental extraction system has also been designed to support the possibility of drilling, but only if there is a minimal amount of root remaining. Due to the precise dental instruments in this Benex extraction system, reaming is also possible. Still, it needs to be done independently from the anatomical root canal to protect all dental tissue and also ensure patient comfort at every stage of their dental extraction procedure.

For more information on Hager & Meisinger’s Benex Extraction System, click here to contact us at J&S Davis. Or, feel free to call us today at 01438 747344.

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