Back in practice – back with a bang

16th, June 2020

If you are back in practice or going back soon, the right tools will make the process as smooth, efficient and successful as possible. That means reviewing what you have available to you, assessing its advantages in the ‘new normal’ and introducing additional solutions that might make your daily life easier. With J&S Davis, this is made even simpler with an array of industry-leading solutions at your fingertips.


Bring a little flexibility into your life with the mobile dental units from BPR Swiss. Designed for easy manoeuvre, the clinical carts enable use between more than one surgery, so you can make the very most of your time, despite fallow periods. They combine 3 treatment instruments and 2 suction devices on a single cart and are available with or without compressors – with no compromise on suction. Simple plug-and-play provides a quick and easy set-up every time, plus, they are simple to clean and disinfect. Be flexible when you’re back in practice with BPR Swiss mobile carts from J&S Davis. For domiciliary visits, portable units are available too.


For maximal efficiency during restorative procedures, utilise materials that facilitate a quick and simplified workflow. Panavia V5 from Kuraray, for example, requires only three easy steps for a seamless application – prime and roughen the prosthetic, prime the tooth, and apply the cement. The dentine bonding cement features Kuraray’s original MDP monomer to maximise its bond strength and durability – it is the strongest of its kind. Combined with superior colour stability, this makes it a number one choice for restorative dentists.

Also from Kuraray and distributed through J&S Davis is Clearfil Universal Bond Quick. The single layer, single application adhesive system builds on Kuraray’s original MDP monomer with a new AMIDE monomer that permeates dentine and enamel fast for reduced application time and a streamlined workflow. Further still, the lower risk of tooth sensitivity increases patient comfort; it’s suitable for all etching techniques, and light, self or dual-cure materials; and it bonds to zirconia, metals and silica-based ceramics for ultimate versatility.


If you’re looking to avoid AGPs when you’re back in practice, the LM-Arte hand instruments from J&S Davis will enable you to create beautiful and functional composite restorations. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the range promotes professional comfort while optimising handling capabilities for high-quality outcomes. Colour-coded for efficiency, LM-Arte instruments are just what you need to adapt your dentistry and deliver exceptional results for your patients. Remember that LM instruments are just what you need for periodontal work too, with the ErgoSense handles designed to ease strain.


 Finally, you want your patients to look after their teeth and gums to maintain their oral health and protect treatment outcomes. Curasept ADS mouth washes are just what they need.

The world-class solutions contain chlorhexidine to fight plaque, with considerably less discolouration and taste disturbance than other chlorhexidine products. Treatment specific Curasept ADS solutions – such as Curasept ADS Implant and Curasept ADS Perio – also contain PVP-VA and hyaluronic acid to further protect the soft and hard tissues, while supporting tissue repair and healing. In addition, for a pre-procedural mouthwash, Curasept have now added a hydrogen peroxide 1% mouth wash. Use this followed by ADS 220 to significantly reduce the viral load.

Back with a bang

The road back to routine dentistry may be slow, but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Be sure to hit the ground running by implementing proven solutions from J&S Davis that will streamline your workflow and enhance patient comfort for maximum efficiency and profitability.


For more information on the industry-leading products available from J&S Davis, visit, call 01438 747 344 or email

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