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J&S Davis was founded in 1908 by brothers Joel (Joe) and Solomon (Solly) Davis possibly because their brother Phillip was a dental surgeon. Their first export agencies included Lee S. Smith & Son Manufacturing Co. and Arnold Biber.

The company stopped trading at the start of World War 1. Solly had a distinguished military career as an army captain. He fought through the French, Belgian and Gallipoli campaigns and was awarded the Military Cross.

After the war, the Davis brothers worked in the United Kingdom Dental Ltd which they formed with W Linford Smith. The firm manufactured teeth. Within a year the company was purchased by the DeTrey group (now Dentsply). Joe and Solly then reestablished J&S Davis representing Universal Dental Company, Lee S. Smith & Son Manufacturing Company, J F Jelenko & Company, E J McCormick Rubber Company, King’s Specialist Company and Dentinol and Pyrozide Company.


Mark Schottlander left the De Trey group to join with Joe and Solly in forming Davis Schottlander and Davis (DSD). The business grew steadily in the inter-war years.


Solly’s son John joined the business family business briefly in before enlisting in the RAF. He flew Spitfires until he was knocked over by a lorry in the desert. He was in hospital for several months with a fractured femur during which time most of his squadron were killed. Joe and Solly remained with DSD until their deaths in 1946 and 1951 respectively. After Solly’s death, John left and restarted J&S Davis.


After the war, John restarted J&S Davis in 1952. One of the early ranges distributed was from Dentatus of Sweden.

During the next forty years John was responsible for bringing to the UK market many products and ideas now thought of as every day. In the seventies his youngest brother Victor was Finance Director.


Keur & Sneljtes (Now Cavex) was added to the J&S Davis product range.


The launch of the first turbine handpiece, Sandri at Alexander Palace Dental Exhibition. Over the three days over one thousand were sold!


The launch of the first disposable needle in the UK dental market, Solo Needle. (In the first year sales exceeded several million, again with disbelief from the Trade.) Solo Saliva Ejectors soon followed). Followed by the launch of the popular Indian Head Mirror (Union Broach).


J&S Davis launched W&H Handpieces in the UK.


The launch of Electro Helios (Electrolux), the first dry heat steriliser. (The trade laughed “you might sell 4 a year”. 13,000 were sold over the next 10 years).


Solo Impression Trays were conceived and born; the numbering system eventually became the universal Impression Tray numbering system for plastic trays in UK and much of Europe.


By now J&S Davis had acquired many organisations including Flexico, Mortimer Dental Presses and the Cordent Company. It was also distributing the range of Maillefer (Switzerland) endodontic instruments.


Clearfil Bond System F from Kuraray (Japan) was introduced, the world’s first dentine bonding system.


J&S Davis acquired Ash Dental from Dentsply. The name was immediately changed back to the famous “Claudius Ash Sons & Co Ltd”.


PANAVIA EX from Kuraray was launched, the world’s first resin cement.


Took over distribution of L&R Ultrasonic baths (from USA).


In 1991 when the business was acquired by Planmeca, John Davis retired and his son Daniel assumed responsibility for J&S Davis. (John passed away in October 2014 aged 92.)
Distribution of LM Instruments (Finland): The original ergonomic silicone handled instrument range which transformed instrument choice and is still the instrument by which others are measured.


Planmeca acquired J&S Davis. John Davis retired and Daniel Davis assumed responsibility for the J&S Davis division.

Distribution of Meisinger (Germany) and Micro-Mega (France) began.


The launch of the DAC Universal, the first combination autoclave.
Redesigned impression trays launched with more anatomically correct, rapid and unique locking patented plastic handles.


J&S Davis is back in the family!

Daniel Davis became the owner of J&S Davis Limited on the 1st May 2012 having purchased the business from Plandent Ltd (Planmeca).

J&S Davis will continue to source and supply products that add value to dental practice. It is justly proud of its 100+ year history of supplying not the largest quantity but the highest quality. It is a family business once more.


J&S Davis moved premises into their own building.


Kuraray launched Teethmate Desensitizer which treats sensitive teeth with Hydroxyapatite. Cavex introduced ready-to-use whitening trays.


Kuraray launched their strongest Panavia to date – Panavia V5, for ALL cementation indications and Cavex launched a new Cream Alginate for superior detail, giving impressions which closely approach silicone quality.


LM Sharp Diamond sharpen-free instruments went on the market, reaching hardness of over 63 on the Rockwell scale.


Kuraray launched Universal Bond Quick.

J&S Davis were awarded sole distribution of two new ranges: Rhondium One Visit Crown and ErgoMedi ErgoFinger

J&S Davis supplied the Defence Dental Services with BPR Swiss portable dental equipment.


Launch of new J&S Davis website featuring new dealer area and Live Chat.


The addition of Curasept to the J&S Davis range.

Curasept S.p.A was founded in Italy in 2001. Soon after, in 2002, Curasept designed, developed and patented the Anti Discolouration System (ADS) which is contained in the Curasept ADS line.

Curasept ADS is a professional range of anti-bacterial mouthwashes, which, unlike other chlorhexidine mouthwashes, drastically reduces the appearance of brown-yellow spots which can form on the teeth due to chlorhexidine, thanks to the ADS.

More recently, Curasept have launched Biosmalto, a new formula which helps regenerate and protect tooth enamel.


The addition of Polydentia to the J&S Davis range.

The comprehensive product portfolio includes Unica anterior, a simple yet highly effective matrix solution that optimises achievable outcomes in Class III, IV and V restorations, as well as direct composite veneers and shape modifications. It can be used alongside other Polydentia solutions for an easy workflow, including the myQuickmatrix Forceps, myWedge and myCustom resin.

Also within the Polydentia portfolio are various sectional matrices ideal for enhancing contact points in Class II restorations, as well as Fibreglass Splinting resins for splinting, retainers and reinforcements. Finally, J&S Davis have added the Polydentia myJunior kit, providing a sectional matrix option for paediatric dentistry.

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