Water Purifiers

Product Information

The Solo Water Purifier is a self-contained, wall mounted mixed bed ion-exchange purifier using a simple to change Solo cartridge with a colour change exhaustion indicator. It produces water that may be used in any autoclave or machine that requires de-ionised water.

Supplied complete to connect to the cold water tap with on/off valve, inlet hose connector (1/2',12 x 7mm) and outlet spout/tube.

There are two versions single and double capacity. The cartridges operate from any water supply giving between 5-75lb/in2. Maximum temperature 40oC.

The outlet has a built-in 50 micron filter and can provide up to 30/60 litres per hour, dependent on the model purchased.

To ascertain the outlet of each refill in your practice simply obtain information on the amount of dissolved salts (parts per million -ppm) in the local water supply from the local water authority.

Feedwater         Solo 1    Solo 2

Mg/l t.d.s          Litres    Litres
50ppm Soft        480      960
100ppm Soft       240     480
200ppm Medium 120     240
300ppm Hard       90     180
400ppm Hard       60     120 

Solo Water Purifier Units

No             Size (HxWxD)          Weight (Kg)    Max flow (litre per hour)  Daily use Litre

Solo 1        580x80x100mm        2.8                        30                          Up to 5

Solo 2        760x80x100mm        4.4                        60                           5 to 10 

Solo Water Purifier Refills

No              Size (HxW)             Weight (Kg)    Max flow (litre per hour)     

Solo 1         420x80mm                1.5                30    

Solo 2         730x80mm                2.7                60 



Order Information

Solo Water Purifier Unit

  • SOL0810 Complete 1 with 2 cartridge Refills
  • SOL0812 Complete 2 with 2 cartridge Refills

Solo Water Purifier Refills

  • SOL0801 Cartridge Size 1
  • SOL0803 Cartridge Size 2

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