Vacuformer Accessories

Product Information

Cavex Mouth Protector Cavex mouth protector laminates are professional 3.8mm dual layer and 5mm triple layer laminates with a combined hard and soft layer.

Cavex Mouth Protectors (3,8mm) Cavex Mouth Protectors X-Pro (5mm) Cavex Splint Cavex Splint laminates are made of a transparent, rigid material ideally suited for splints, surgical trays, orthodontic retainers, etc. Cavex Splint (0,6mm) Cavex Splint X-heavy (1,5mm)

Cavex Bleach Laminates Cavex Bleach laminates are made of a soft/clear material that is easy to cut, resulting in a perfect finish. The soft material is very comfortable against the gum tissue and thus ideal for making bleaching spoons. Cavex Bruxism Cavex Bruxism laminates are hard and crystal clear. They are 2mm thick. This plate is perfect for the treatment of bruxism and helps to prevent wear and tear of the elements.

How to make a Bleach Tray with the Cavex VacuFormer System

Order Information

Cavex Vacuformer System Accessories

  • CAV0006 Cavex Mouth Protector Trays
  • CAV0005 Cavex Bleaching Trays
  • CAV0007 Cavex Bruxism Sheets 2mm
  • CAV0008 Cavex Bruxism Sheets 1.5mm
  • CAV0021V Cavex Vacuformer Splint 0.6x125x125mm
  • CAV0026 Cavex Vacuformer Splint X Hvy 1.5x125x125mm
  • CAV0025 Cavex Bleach Tray Spacer 2x2ml +10 tips