Product Information

The Cavex VacuFormer System is a complete vacuum thermo forming system comprising the Cavex VacuFormer, a variety of vacuum form sheets, a unique plaster composite and accessories.

The Cavex VacuFormer System enables the dentist to optimise the treatment of and service to the patient. Bleaching trays, splints, bite plates and mouth protectors can be prepared during patient visits without the intervention of the dental laboratory. A detailed protocol, illustrated with photographs, enables anyone to master this technique.


For the fabrication of splints, bleach trays and mouth protectors

How to make a Splint with the Cavex VacuFormer System

Order Information

CAV0003 Cavex Vacuformer Starter Kit

The Starter Kit consists of all equipment and materials that are required for making ready-made deep-drawing applications: 1 Cavex VacuFormer, 18 pots Instant Stone, deep-drawing plates (50 Splint, 25 Bleach, 12 Mouth Protector), Scissors, 6 Base trays, protocols per indication.