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This new sequence with only 3 Nickel-Titanium instruments simplifies the initial endodontic treatment and optimizes the cleaning. The asymmetrical cross section of the revo-S facilitates penetration by a 'snake-like' movement and offers a root canal shaping adapted to the biological and ergonomic imperatives.

This sequence has a cutting, debris elimination and cleaning cycle which optimizes the root canal cleaning by improving the upward removal of the generated dentine debris. It also offers the choice of the apical finishing (AS30, AS35 and AS40) best suited to the anatomical and ecological criteria of the canal.


  • More flexibility and less stress
  • The asymmetrical cross section provides less stress on the instrument and increases the available volume for upward debris elimintation. Revo-S(TM) Paper Points
  • The canal axis has 3 cutting edges located on 3 different radiuses: R1, R2 et R3. 
  • The smaller section allows more flexibility, and offers a better ability to negociate curves.
  • Four paper point sizes, perfectly adapted to any root canal prepared with the Revo-S(TM) files 
  • Quick and efficient drying 

Cost saving:

  • Less paper points are needed to dry the canals thanks to their adapted tapers 
  • Easy-to-identify owing to the Revo-S colour code
  • Shaped for easy and reliable penetration to the apex

The Revo-S GP Points have been designed with specific tapers and diameters perfectly matching the Revo-S(TM) files. - Specific tapers and diameters for obturation after treatment performed with Revo-S. 

  • Easy-to-identify thanks to the same colour code as Revo-S 
  • Flexible for perfect adjustment to all root canal anatomies without bending
  • Manufactured without cadmium using only the finest high quality material
  • Optimum tissue tolerance

Highest precision for all filling techniques: cold, warm or thermomechanical condensation techniques.