Product Information

PANAVIA POST is a fiber post made of methacrylate and non-epoxy based resin reinforced glass fibers with high mechanical durability and an optimal elastic modulus for your reliable restorations. This effect is achieved thanks to Kuraray's unique monomer technology and surface treatment technology. The risk of debonding and root fracture depends on the strong adhesion between the components inside and outside the post and an elastic modulus very similar to dentin. Thus, Kuraray's remarkable experience enables excellent clinical long-term performance.


  • Stabilised interface between glass fibres and resin matrix in the post for excellent mechanical durability
  • Low risk of debonding and root fracture due to optimal shape and elastic modulus
  • Translucency (metal-free) for esthetic restorations
  • Ideal light-curing properties

Order Information

KUR1190 Panavia Post Introductory Kit

Content: PANAVIA(TM) POST No. 3 (2 pcs) PANAVIA(TM) POST No. 4 (2 pcs) PANAVIA(TM) POST No. 5 (2 pcs) PANAVIA(TM) POST No. 6 (2 pcs)


  • KUR1193 Panavia Post No.3
  • KUR1194 Panavia Post No.4
  • KUR1195 Panavia Post No.5
  • KUR1196 Panavia Post No.6