Product Information

PANAVIA 21 is an anaerobic-curing adhesive resin cement which cures only when oxygen is excluded, i.e., when there is direct contact between two surfaces. This provides for optimal working time because the pastes cannot cure before the restoration has been inserted.

PANAVIA 21 develops the greatest adhesive strength between tooth structure and restorations. Its use in combination with the self-etching ED PRIMER guarantees an effective and gentle preparation of enamel and dentin in one work step. Etching with acidic agents and the following rinsing become unnecessary which is why concerns about post-operative sensitivities are now a thing of the past. The enclosed etching gel is to be used to uncut enamel. Because of the high bond strength paste-paste formula,

PANAVIA 21 offers a consistent mixture with practical processing and curing times. The practical dispenser simplifies mixing in the correct ratio. PANAVIA 21 is suitable for a broad range of indications and is available in the three color shades EX (white), TC (tooth color) and OP (opaque).

Features & Benefits:

  • High bond strength to cut enamel, dentin, metal, silanated porcelain and cured composite ED Primer for effective one-step conditioning of cut enamel and dentin without having to rinse
  • Easy handling Paste/paste formulation makes mixing easy
  • Convenient dispenser measures precise amounts of paste for consistent results
  • Anaerobic setting properties provide extended working time and trouble-free cleaning Low film thickness for accurate seating


  • Cementation of 'adhesion' bridges or splints
  • Cementation of metal inlays, onlays, crowns or bridges
  • Cementation of porcelain or composite inlays, onlays or crowns 
  • Cementation of root canal posts or cast metal cores
  • Bonded amalgam restorations

Order Information

Panavia 21 Complete Kit:

  • KUR0020 EX
  • KUR0021 Tooth Color
  • KUR0022 Opaque

Kit contents: 1 Catalyst: 7.9 g (4 ml) 1 Universal: 7.6 g (4 ml) 1 ED PRIMER Liquid A: 4 ml 1 ED PRIMER Liquid B: 4 ml 1 OXYGUARD II: 6 ml, 1 PANAVIA Etching Agent V: 5 ml Accessories: 1 paste dispenser, 1 mixing plate, 1 spatula, 1 mixing dish, 1 sponge pledget, 2 brush holders, 2 x 50 disposable brush tips

Refills (2x4ml)

  • KUR0023 EX
  • KUR0024 Tooth Colour
  • KUR0025 Opaque


  • KUR0027 Dispenser
  • KUR0028 Brush Tips Pack of 50
  • KUR0032 Panavia 21 Mixing Pad Blue 83 x 59mm
  • KUR0033 Panavia 21 & Clearfil Esthetic Cement Spatula


  • KUR0057 Panavia 21 ED Primer Liquid A 4ml
  • KUR0058 Panavia 21 ED Primer Liquid B 4ml