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One Shape

Product Information

Only one rotary file in continuous rotation for your endodontic treatments!

One Shape allows for curved canal negotiation with an instrumental and easy dynamic. Its non-working (safety) tip ensures an effective apical progression avoiding obstructions which are often preceded by instrument separation.


  • 1 single instrument
  • Remarkable design
  • Rapid treatment
  • Simplification of the endodontic instrument sequence Sterile
  • Scored blister 
  • Time saving 
  • Facilitated handlings for assistants
  • Infection risk control In continuous rotation 
  • An economic principle: no need to buy an additional specific motor 
  • A dynamic and instrumental behaviour you may have previously experienced Single
  • Minimal fatigue along the length of the file virtually eliminates the risk of separation.
  • Simplified handling of instrument sequences.
  • It is recommended to use One Shape for the treatment of only one tooth*.

*Dispose of all instruments that show a sign of unwinding, wear of premature fatigue after the treatment of one or two root canals.

Order Information

One Shape Sterile Metal Shank

  • MMM9001 21mm 6%
  • MMM9002 25mm 6%
  • MMM9003 29mm 6%


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