Instant stone

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Cavex Instant Stone A perfect plaster mould in just 10 minutes! Many dental practices do not have a separate room for casting impressions and few will have access to a plaster (vacuum) mixer.

Cavex Instant Stone is a plaster composite that can cast a perfect mould in just 10 minutes for the fabrication of bleaching trays, splints and mouth protectors. Treatments which normally require several visits to the dentist can now be carried out in a single session. Cavex Instant Stone improves both the productivity of the practice and the service to the patient Indications - plaster composite for casting moulds


  • a revolutionary plaster composite 
  • perfect moulds in just 10 minutes 
  • hardened moulds are very strong and have a beautifully smooth surface and unprecedented abrasion resistance 
  • easy and quick to use 
  • bubble-free moulds without the use of a vibrating table
How to make a Mouth Protector with the Cavex VacuFormer System

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CAV0004 Cavex Instant Stone Activator