Impression Trays

Product Information

The tray system with the flexibility to handle your requirements. You choose whether you want a handle on your tray; if you do then you can be confident with the patented interlock that it will not come off while in use. There are two types of handles one for dentate and the other for edentulous.

Solo trays are anatomically designed, the holes being large enough to retain the impression material.


  • Rigid design for greater accuracy 
  • Smoother Rims/edges for improved patient comfort
  • Larger sizes available 
  • Anatomically correct design for accurate impression 
  • Tougher plastic material
  • One plastic handle with each tray
  • Easy grip handle 
  • Unique handle and tray interlock forming true disposable unit 
  • Large Perforations for improved flow of alginate

Order Information

Solo Impression Tray Pack of 25 trays and handles

  • SOL1003 No.3
  • SOL1004 No.4
  • SOL1005 No.5
  • SOL1006 No.6
  • SOL1009 No.9
  • SOL1010 No.10
  • SOL1011 No.11
  • SOL1012 No.12
  • SOL1013 No.13
  • SOL1014 No.14
  • SOL1017 No.17
  • SOL1018 No.18

Solo Tray Handle Pack of 10

  • SOL1025 Dentate
  • SOL1026 Edentulous