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Product Information

The HEROfill system is a 3rd generation endodontic obturator which was developed to allow the practitioner a fast and reliable means of obturating a root canal. Expanding on the principle of a solid plastic core coated with thermoplastic gutta percha, the enhancements found in the HEROfill system add accuracy and dependability to the well documented apical seal that may be obtained with endodontic obturators.


  • Fast, reliable and accurate obturation method. Detachable handle.
  • Adjustable working length.
  • Easy control thanks to the HEROfill Verifiers.
  • Rapid heating with the HEROfill Oven.
  • Easier post space preparation.


After having ideally used the One Shape, Revo-S or R-Endo methods and before using the HEROfill system, ensure that you have achieved the following:

  • A properly cleaned and shaped canal.
  • A dry root canal.
  • An established working length.

1. Select the appropriate size HEROfill obturator. Generally this will be the same size as the last file used at the apex of the canal.

2. Confirm the selected obturator size by inserting the matching HEROfill Verifier into the canal to the working distance.

3. The chosen obturator is placed in one of the slots by its colour-coded handle. Activate the timer by pressing the ON icon.

4. While the obturator is heating, mix and place any heat resistant sealer MM - Seal recommended a non-eugenol sealer). Using the HEROfill Verifier, place a thin coating of sealer on the wall of the canal.

5. After the tone, remove the HEROfill obturator. Without twisting the handle, immediately insert the obturator into the canal to the working distance

6. Allow the gutta percha to cool for 3-4 minutes. Confirming radiographs may be taken during this time.

7. Remove the handle by twisting it. Cut away excess plastic core with a small inverted cone bur and trim away the extra gutta percha.

Order Information

MMM7160 Herofill Oven Intro Kit Contents: 1 HEROfill oven 1 pack of 6 Obturators n°25 2 packs of 6 Obturators n°30 1 pack of 6 Verifiers (n25x2 and n30x4) Herofill Obturator Pack of 6

MMM7100 20 MMM7101 25 MMM7102 30 MMM7103 35 MMM7104 40 MMM7105 45 MMM7106 50 MMM7107 55 Herofill Verifier Pack of 6 MMM7120 20 MMM7121 25 MMM7122 30 MMM7123 35 MMM7124 40 MMM7125 45 MMM7126 50 MMM7127 55 MMM7128 60 MMM7129 70