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Glide path development is an essential but time-consuming step in endodontic treatment. To increase endodontic efficiency in the initial glide path formation by simplifying the procedure while increasing safety, MICRO-MEGA is introducing two new rotary NiTi instruments, the G-Files.

The G-File instruments are based on an innovative design to help the clinician safely save time in endodontic procedures. The superior cross-section of the G-Files(TM) combines efficiency and innovation. The G-File(TM) NiTi instruments are machined with a narrow diameter (12 and 17) with a slight .03 taper. The superior cross-section of the G-File(TM) combines efficiency and safety. Along the length of the instrument, the G-File(TM) has cutting edges on three different radiuses, creating a large and efficient area for upward debris removal. The angular offset of the cutting edges also creates a different pitch along the length of the blade, avoiding any screwing or engaging effect into the walls of the canal. The non-working (safety) tip is asymmetrical which helps the instrument safely move forward; this is also facilitated by the high degree of flexibility resulting from the small diameter. The G-Files(TM) are electro-polished, which improves their mechanical properties, particularly by releasing internal stresses which develop during machining, thereby increasing the flexibility of the G-File(TM). The electro-polished surface increases the efficiency in apical progression of the G-File(TM) while aiding in debris removal. The G-Files(TM) are available in 21, 25 and 29 mm. Used after hand files have measured working length, G-Files(TM) safely enlarge the glide path in preparation for RCT with rotary instrumentation system.


  • Superior flexibility due to their small instrument diameters (n12 and n 17) and their slight .03 taper.
  • Non-working (safety) tip.
  • Electro-polished to optimise their efficiency in apical progression while aiding in upward debris removal.
  • Enhanced circulation of the irrigation solution beginning from the initial phase of treatment.
  • Quickly and safely enlarge the canal passageway to the apex. 
  • The G-Files(TM) can be used in combination with the Revo-S(TM) system or any other NiTi system.

Order Information

G-Files Assorted Pack of 4 (G1x2 + G2x2)

  • MMM48001 21mm
  • MMM48002 25mm G-Files G1 3% Taper 12 - Pack of 4
  • MMM48011 21mm
  • MMM48012 25mm G-Files G2 3% Taper 17 - Pack of 4
  • MMM48021 21mm
  • MMM48022 25mm