Clearfil DC Activator

Product Information

CLEARFIL DC Activator is a dual-cure catalyst that contains alcohol, initiators and unique, advanced catalysts. It’s indicated for use with CLEARFIL SE BOND 2CLEARFIL SE Protect andCLEARFIL Universal Bond

When mixed with the bond/adhesive from these systems they become dual-cure, truly universal adhesives with low film-thickness and high self-cure bond strength. 
This unique combination provides a simple, universal solution for all of your direct, indirect and core build-up restorations.

  • Low Film Thickness For Indirect Restorations
  • Strong Self-Cure Bond Strengths
  • TOUCH-CURE Affect
  • 30-Year, Proven, Long-Term Track Record with Kuraray Self and Dual-Cure Adhesives
  • Core build-up in conjunction with self- or dual- cured core build-up materials
  • Cementation in conjunction with self- or dual- cured composite resin cements


Order Information

KUR3250 Clearfil DC Activator 4ml