CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond

Product Information

Imagine a reliable one-step adhesive for all your bonding and pretreatment needs.
And imagine using it for direct restorations, core build-ups, and even indirect restorations and repairs. 
Our best one-step adhesive ever developed, CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond, lets you do just that. 
Bond build-up restorations can be done with CLEARFIL™ DC CORE Plus and indirect restorations with PANAVIA™ SA CEMENT. Mix it with the new CLEARFIL™ DC Activator
for bonding other core build-up composites and composite cements. With the etch-mode of your choice (self-, selective-, total-etch mode).
You like the self-etch mode? Then you enjoy a fast and reliable one-step procedure. 
For selective etching the enamel, our new K-ETCHANT™ Syringe gives you perfect control of your phosphoric acid application. Plus, CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond also covers the total-etch mode.
How is all of this possible? It is all about the right mix of Kuraray Noritake Dental’s proven MDP and Silane technologies to give you long lasting results. And because it’s from the creators of self-etch golden standards CLEARFIL™ SE BOND and PANAVIA™ you can be confident with your treatment.
So, thanks to CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond, you finally have one durable solution for all your bonding and pretreatment needs.

  • Works with every etch mode (self-, selective-, and total-etch)

• Self-etch technology based on self-etch golden standards CLEARFIL™ SE BOND and PANAVIA™

• Compatible with all direct and indirect restorations

• Bonds to zirconia, composites and glass ceramic without primer pretreatment

• Mixed with CLEARFIL™ DC ACTIVATOR it bonds to any composite cement or core build-up Composite

• Works directly in combination with CLEARFIL™ DC CORE PLUS and PANAVIA™ SA CEMENT

• Contains the original MDP monomer for best bond durability

• Fastest adhesive on the market

Order Information

KUR3290 Standard Kit
Content: 1 bottle (5ml), 1K-Etchant Syringe (3ml), 1 dispensing dish, 1 light-blocking plate, 50 applicator brushe (fine), 20 needle tips

KUR3292 Refill 5ml

KUR3293 Value Pack 
3 bottles (5ml) 

KUR3298 Unit Dose Standard Pack
Content: 50 tips (0.1ml/tip), 1 K-Etchant Syringe (3ml), 50 applicator brushes (fine), 20 needle tips

KUR3299 Unit Dose Value Pack
Content: 100 tips (0.1ml/tip), 1 K-Etchant Syringe (3ml), 100 applicator brushes (fine), 20 needle tips