Product Information

CLEARFILTM Twist DIA is a new polisher pair which brings you high-shine. Suitable for all surfaces – and reusable.
The polisher pair changes all your existing polishing procedure into just one. From flat to even occlusal surfaces – this polisher pair will do the job for you.

CLEARFILTM Twist DIA is indicated for all composites. The pre-polisher creates the smooth form you like from any angle imaginable. With the high-shine polisher you finish with a natural gloss result in seconds.
Additionally, CLEARFILTM Twist DIA is reusable by constant release of diamond grains.

The recipe for success is the special shape and the fact that only pure diamonds are inside. The strong diamond-rubber connection makes it reusable for multiple times. The constant release of new diamond grains gives you a great result several treatments.

  • Easy polishing procedure thanks to just 2 polisher
  • Pre-polisher to smooth the surface
  • High-shine polisher to create natural gloss
  • Reusable thanks to constant release of diamond grains
  • 100% diamond grains inside - no substitutes or cheaper abrasive particles
  • Easy to sterilize

Order Information

KUR1101 Introductory Kit (3 pre-polisher, 3 high-shine polisher)
KUR1102 Pre-polishing refill (10 pre polisher)
KUR1103 High-shine polishing refill (10 high-shine polisher)