Product Information

CLEARFIL MAJESTY Posterior is a light-curing, nano-superfilled, radiopaque restorative posterior composite resin composed of nano and micro inorganic fillers treated with a proprietary new surface coating technology. The new surface technology permits a larger quantity of nanofiller to be dispersed in the resin matrix, a matrix which consists of monomer and microfiller. The resulting resin matrix is reinforced with a filler loading of 92 wt% (82 vol%).

CLEARFIL MAJESTY Posterior has an improved high surface hardness close to that of human enamel (high wear resistance, but friendly against an antagonist tooth), high mechanical strength (compressive strength: 504 MPa, flexural strength: 177 MPa), high durability, high curing depth, low polymerisation shrinkage (1.5 vol%) and a low thermal expansion coefficient. These features assure a reliable posterior restoration with better marginal adaptation and a restoration that will last. In spite of the extremely high filler loading, CLEARFIL MAJESTY Posterior also has an easy shapable consistency and the high refractive matrix also provides another essential benefit, a very minor transparency shift after light-curing.


  • Highest filler loading (92 wt%, 82 vol%)
  • High surface hardness, close to human enamel (high wear resistance), but friendly against an antagonist tooth 
  • High mechanical properties (strength, durability) and high curing depth 
  • Low polymerisation shrinkage and low thermal expansion 
  • Better marginal adaptation even for a long time period 
  • Easy handling
  • Versatile, simple, accurate shade selection for posterior restorations Indication 
  • Direct restorations for anterior and posterior teeth (Class I - V cavities) 
  • Correction of tooth position and tooth shape (e.g. diastema closure, dwarfed tooth, etc.)
  • Intraoral repairs of fractured crowns/bridges
Deppeler OP3X & MB3X

Order Information

Clearfil Majesty Posterior PLT's 20x0.26gm

  • KUR0951 A2
  • KUR0952 A3
  • KUR0953 A3.5
  • KUR0956 B2
  • KUR0960 XL
  • KUR0967 0A3

Clearfil Majesty Posterior Syringes 4.9gm

  • KUR0891 A2
  • KUR0892 A3
  • KUR0893 A3.5
  • KUR0896 B2
  • KUR0900 XL
  • KUR0907 OA3

KUR0881 Majesty Posterior Shade Guide