Product Information

Choosing the right shade has never been more precise. With CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2, the world's first brightness-based shade system for direct composites is being introduced - all approved by VITA. This approach is key in achieving a natural look for your restorations. 

Choosing the right shade is carried out within seconds from 6 tabs only. The tabs are arranged from light to dark (White to A4) to give you the highest shade precision possible. If you select A2 group, you can immediately start working with the Premium A2E (enamel) and AD2 (dentin) shades. If you prefer the one-shade technique, you first select the A2 group and then choose the best matching Classic shade D2, A2 or C1 in a second step.

Never before has a shade guide been so compact, with 18 Premium shades, including 7 enamel, 7 dentin and 4 translucent shades. Add to that the 18 Classic shades and you have a total of 36 shades that easily fit in your pocket.

  • The ONLY composite with VITA Approved Shades which match the VITA Classical Shade Guide
  • Unsurpassed natural shade blending with surrounding tooth structure
  • Single shade placement technique, no complex multi-shade layering due to Kuraray’s pioneering LD (Light-Diffusion) Technology
  • Light diffusion property similar to natural teeth
  • Long working time for easy sculpting with no slumping
  • Easy polishing with durable gloss
  • Universal for anterior and posterior use
  • Virtually no post-cure color change
  • Direct restorations for anterior and posterior teeth (Class I-V cavities)
  • Direct veneers
  • Correction of tooth position and tooth shape (e.g. diastema closure, dwarfed tooth, etc.)
  • Intraoral repairs of fractured crowns/bridges

Order Information

KUR3000 Majesty ES-2 Shade Guide Clearfil

KUR3001 Majesty ES-2 Shade Guide Comp. Clearfil

KUR3010 Majesty ES-2 Syringe Pro Kit Clearfil: Classic A1, A2, A3, A3.5, Premium A1E, A2E, A3E, A3.5E, A1D, A2D, A3D, A3.5D: 1 syringe each shade (3.6g/2.0ml) + Clear, Amber, Blue, Gray: 1 syringe each shade (1.8g/0.9ml) + Shade Guide

KUR3012 Majesty ES-2 Syringe Intro Kit Clearfil: Classic A2, Premium A2D, A2E: 1 syringe each shade (1.2g/0.7ml)

KUR3016 Majesty ES-2 Syringe Trial A2 Clearfil 1.2g/0.7ml

KUR3017 Majesty ES-2 Syringe Trial A3 Clearfil 1.2g/0.7ml

KUR3020 Majesty ES-2 Classic A1 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3021 Majesty ES-2 Classic A2 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3022 Majesty ES-2 Classic A3 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3023 Majesty ES-2 Classic A3.5 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3024 Majesty ES-2 Classic A4 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3025 Majesty ES-2 Classic A6 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3026 Majesty ES-2 Classic B1 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3027 Majesty ES-2 Classic B2 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3028 Majesty ES-2 Classic B3 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3029 Majesty ES-2 Classic B4 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3030 Majesty ES-2 Classic C1 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3031 Majesty ES-2 Classic C2 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3032 Majesty ES-2 Classic C3 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3033 Majesty ES-2 Classic C4 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3034 Majesty ES-2 Classic D2 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3035 Majesty ES-2 Classic D3 Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3036 Majesty ES-2 Premium XW Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3037 Majesty ES-2 Premium W Syringe Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3050 Majesty ES-2 Premium A1E Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3051 Majesty ES-2 Premium A2E Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3052 Majesty ES-2 Premium A3E Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3053 Majesty ES-2 Premium A3.5E Syr Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3054 Majesty ES-2 Premium A4E Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3055 Majesty ES-2 Premium XWE Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3056 Majesty ES-2 Premium WE Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3057 Majesty ES-2 Premium A1D Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3058 Majesty ES-2 Premium A2D Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3059 Majesty ES-2 Premium A3D Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3060 Majesty ES-2 Premium A3.5D Syr Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3061 Majesty ES-2 Premium A4D Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3062 Majesty ES-2 Premium XWD Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3063 Majesty ES-2 Premium WD Syr. Clearfil 3.6g/2.0ml

KUR3064 Majesty ES-2 Premium Clear Syr Clearfil 1.8g/0.9ml

KUR3065 Majesty ES-2 Premium Amber Syr Clearfil 1.8g/0.9ml

KUR3066 Majesty ES-2 Premium Blue Syr. Clearfil 1.8g/0.9ml

KUR3067 Majesty ES-2 Premium Gray Syr. Clearfil 1.8g/0.9ml

KUR3100 Majesty ES-2 PLT Pro Kit  Clearfil: Classic A1, A2, A3, A3.5, Premium A1E, A2E, A3E, A3.5E, A1D, A2D, A3D, A3.5D, Clear, Amber, Blue, Gray: 5 tips each shade (0.25g) + Shade Guide

KUR3102 Majesty ES-2 PLT Intro Kit Clearfil: Classic A2, Premium A2E, A2D: 5 tips each shade (0.25g)

KUR3106 Majesty ES-2 PLT Trial A2 Clearfil 5 tips x 0.25g

KUR3107 Majesty ES-2 PLT Trial A3 Clearfil 5 tips x 0.25g

KUR3110 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT A1 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3111 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT A2 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3112 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT A3 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3113 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT A3.5 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3114 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT A4 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3115 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT A6 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3116 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT B1 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3117 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT B2 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3118 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT B3 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3119 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT B4 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3120 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT C1 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3121 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT C2 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3122 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT C3 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3123 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT C4 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3124 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT D2 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3125 Majesty ES-2 Classic PLT D3 Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3126 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT XW Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3127 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT W Clearfil 20tips x 0.25g

KUR3140 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT A1E Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3141 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT A2E Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3142 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT A3E Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3143 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT A3.5E Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3144 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT A4E Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3145 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT XWE Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3146 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT WE Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3147 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT A1D Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3148 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT A2D Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3149 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT A3D Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3150 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT A3.5D Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3151 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT A4D Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3152 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT XWD Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3153 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT WD Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3154 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT Clear Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3155 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT Amber Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3156 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT Blue Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g

KUR3157 Majesty ES-2 Premium PLT Gray Clearfil 10tips x 0.25g